8 Best Streaming Platforms With Stunning App Designs

April 19, 2022

There are more than fifty streaming apps available in North America alone. With so much competition, what makes the best applications stand out?

These applications meet some criteria and hoops to become the most famous and downloaded applications. For instance, an application must:

  • Reasonably priced
  • Great content
  • Addressing the need of all kinds of users
  • Frequency of content updates
  • Dynamic and layout of the application
  • And how soon new content reaches the service

With so many applications across the globe and content that vary, it is not possible to get everything on a single platform. However, with howtowatch.com.au, one can sort out how to watch content without any geographical bounds.

Moreover, in the realm of Android and iOS applications, there are numerous themes, elements, styles, and amazing visuals.


person holding remote pointing at TV

There is no doubt that Netflix is one of the best applications for streaming services. In the first quarter of 2022, Netflix has over 209.18 million users who pay for the services.

The layout of the application is super sleek and comfortable to browse. What users love about Netflix is the versatility of the algorithm. It keeps giving you a blend of everything and doesn’t focus on a single result.

There is something for everyone. From dramas to documentaries, shows for kids and adults, movies, and comedy scripts, it is the place for the ultimate entertainment fix.  


It is an equal favorite of families and kids for the content it offers. You can find from Disney movies to Marvel’s superheroes, the marathons of Star Wars, all the best creations of Pixar, the OG series The Simpsons, and documentaries of National Geographic.

With such diverse content, one can never quit Disney+ after a trial subscription. For the perfect Saturday family night, you can unlock a movie at a minimal fee to save bucks over cinema tickets.

The layout and design of the application resonate with the style of Disney. Despite all the colors, it is very easy on the eyes.


black iphone 5 displaying man in black jacket

If an application is downloading and registered frequently to become a possible threat to Netflix is Hulu. With fast gaining popularity, Hulu has over 45.3 million subscribers.

Releasing shows like The Handmaid’s Tales, Little Fires Everywhere, Letter Kenny; Hulu is becoming the choice for viewers who want more than colors and emotions from Tv time.

Shows like ‘This is Us,’ within hours after being aired, are available to watch on Hulu. Many shows and dramas are in conversation and locked deals with Hulu; hence you can expect more than expected from the application.


Vimeo is home to infinite events and capacity. The application also does live streaming for OTT. It is straightforward and accessible in three unique plans.

Vimeo has a friendly connection point, perfect web-based video with an executive’s stage, and incorporates live surveys and Q&A to live stream.

Moreover, the platform also offers live assistance when streaming during business hours. Vimeo is furthermore accessible with choices of all-day-everyday support.

Amazon Prime

With various original content and easy dynamics of application, Amazon Prime is gathering its cult of followers.

Amazon Prime has titles like Jack Ryan, One Night in Miami, and The Boys. Moreover, for kids, you can browse shows like Peppa pig, and for series lovers, the feast is ready with titles like Suits, Eternals, Sherlock, and Dietland.


It offers the best intuitive live streaming experience. Wowza offers quick streams that impact watchers progressively. Equipped with superior streaming conditions and functionalities like coordinated metadata, it gives you all you need.

Additionally, other than live communicating, the stage further upholds OTT streaming. The real-time video stage includes cutting-edge features that enhance the end-client experience.


DaCast is a reasonable streaming app for all users. It brings profoundly intuitive, impressive, adaptable, and excellent content quality.  In addition, the developers have incorporated the best scope of safety elements, real-time analytics, and constant scrutiny.

Also, streamers can have unlimited authority over the content as expected. Also, as on adaptation, streaming, and transferring highlights. The live streaming elements also incorporate streaming to social channels and an enormous number of audiences. 

Widget Box

Another great application on this list is Widget Box. It is the best streaming platform and features a stunning app design. In addition, it incorporates exciting elements like tech, store surveys, tech, restaurant surveys, cryptocurrency, and much more.

You will have the best experience using this platform as it offers you the most stunning app designs.

Final Word

These applications are created to facilitate the best user experience while catering to various consumers. All applications are in a constant state of renovation in design and quality to match the changing trends in technology.


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