How to Repeat YouTube Videos Endlessly – Top 5 Ways for Youtube Repeat

July 7, 2018

If you wanted to loop videos on YouTube, we will guide you to repeat YouTube videos endlessly. YouTube is the ultimate online destination for watching videos. It’s a great source for music and movies besides any kind of other videos (except pornos). YouTube does not repeat the same video over again. Instead, YouTube plays other videos in the same playlist or channel. There is no inbuilt button to repeat a YouTube video either.

How to Repeat YouTube Videos Endlessly

Fortunately, there are few effective ways to repeat YouTube video continuously. The methods to loop YouTube videos continuously are easy to perform. In this article, we are sharing the most effective methods of all.

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Sit tight, and learn how to do these methods works.

Method 1: The Right-Click Trick

Well, To repeat youtube videos this method works uncertainly. Because it depends on various factors as such your computer OS, browser, and the video itself. If the video you are playing isn’t using HTML5 (Most of the videos played by HTML5), you may just Right-Click on the YouTube video and then click “Loop.”

Loop Youtube Videos

This is quite a simple trick to perform but it might not be working for you depending on some factors. So, if the above rask doesn’t match your expectation, it might because of your browser or the OS.

Now, if you are on Google Chrome browser, you would like to try another simple right-click method.

Press and hold “SHIFT” key on the keyboard. Hold and don’t let on repeat by using shift

Now, Right-Click on the video while still pressing the “SHIFT” key. It will show a menu list and if the “Loop” option is not shown, Hold SHIFT, don’t let go yet.

While still holding the SHIFT key, Right-click on the video once again. Now, you can see “Loop” option on another menu list.

loop youtube

Click on the “Loop” and you are good to go.

Well, both of these above instructed Right-Click tricks are quite easy. The first one works for some while the second works only on Chrome. Might be it’s because Chrome and YouTube both are owned by Google.

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Method 2: Edit YouTube Video URL

To Repeat Youtube videos endlessly then this simple trick can help you to loop your desired YouTube video. To do so, all you just need to do is edit the URL. This one works almost on all the operating systems and browsers. The trick goes as follows  –

The URL of the YouTube video you wish to loop, let’s say –

The last highlighted part of the above URL is called video code. Now, the highlighted part of the URL is to be edited as the following example.

Changing youtube url

Code url:

For example: if your video code is JGwWNGJdvx8 then the follow the desired code url looks like

The motive is actually to create a playlist with the single video you wish to play continuously.

Method 3: Using Third-Party Service

This is also a very simple method to repeat YouTube videos endlessly. Follow the below steps to get the work done.

Step 1: Go to the YouTube video you wish to repeat continuously.

Step 2: Remove the part “https://www” from the video URL which comes right before “youtube.”

Youtube Repeat by editing url

Step 3: Now, add “repeat” right after “youtube” in the video URL as done on the image below.

how to put youtube video on repeat

Step 4: Next, hit “Enter” key and your video will be opened with another URL. It will look like this –

loop youtube videos on listenonrepeat

On this page, your YouTube video will repeate endlessly until you close the page. You can also monitor how many times your video has been played on this page.

Method 4: Alternative Use of ListenOnRepeat

In method 4, you will learn to edit YouTube video URL and use the ListenOnRepeat website to repeat YouTube videos endlessly. On this method, we will teach you to use the same website – in an alternative way.

Step 1: Go to YouTube and open the video you wish to repeat continuously.

Step 2: Highlight and Copy the entire video title as shown in the image below.

How to repeat songs on youtube video

Step 3: Now, visit and Paste the Title in the search box.

repeat youtube videos endlessly

Step 4: Next, press “Enter” key and you will get the video result along with other related video contents.

loop youtube videos automatically

Step 5: Scroll down the page and you will find all the video results of your desired YouTube video. Click on your desired video and play it endlessly.

Method 5: Using Web-Based Tool Infinite Looper

This is another web-based trick that uses a third party tool to loop your YouTube videos endlessly. Just like many other web-based tool, Infinite Looper will repeat YouTube videos endlessly.

Repeat youtube videos on infinte looper

All you have to do is –

  • Copy the URL of your YouTube video to loop.
  • Go to the site
  • Paste the YouTube video URL in the search-box and hit Enter.

Once you press the enter key, your YouTube video will be looping endlessly on this site until you close the page. This method works fine on  your phone as well.

These are the best methods to repeat YouTube videos endlessly. Whether you are on Smartphone/Tab or PC/Mac, one or other method to loop videos on YouTube as shared here will work for you.


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