3 Things to Consider Before You Buy Testosterone Canada

November 26, 2021

Today`s article will be devoted to anabolic steroids in general, and we hope that after you read it, you will finally decide whether it’s worth it for you to buy testosterone Canada or not. We will talk about testosterone itself, the father of all steroids. Let`s start!

What Is Testosterone and How It Works

Testosterone is the most important hormone in men`s bodies. It is produced by special cells in your balls, and some of it is produced in your adrenal cortex. Testosterone is responsible for almost all processes in your body. That is why it is so dangerous to mess with hormones. They are very little, but if something happens to them, it can lead to a total disaster, like uncontrolled fat gains or a decrease in your balls’ size. Scientists made synthetic tests and started to improve its formula on different levels.

Heavy multi-joint exercises, such as deadlifts and squats, can lead to the release of increased amounts of testosterone and growth hormone into the bloodstream. In fact, this is true, but this effect is actually quite insignificant itself and lasts a little more than a minute in time. That is why some people decided to use synthetic testosterone to increase the level of their performance. Maybe they just didn’t have enough natural testosterone or achieved their limits and wanted something more significant.

Is It Safe

After reading the first paragraph, the scales have shifted to the side where you want to buy testosterone Canada. That’s good, but there are several more things you need to know about it. Synthetic testosterone has its side effects and precautions. And if someone said that steroids are not harmful, do not talk to this person ever again. The main risks from taking steroids affect your heart. Because an increase in such an important hormone leads to the increase of red blood cells, which transport oxygen all over your body, giving you a performance boost. That’s great and all, but at the same time, your heart was not prepared for this. That’s why you can experience hot flashes, blood pressure spikes, anemia, and other unpleasant stuff. This is the main precaution too. If you have any pre-existing heart diseases, do not think about taking steroids, it can kill you.

The other problem that was not completely solved in every existing testosterone ester is aromatization. This is the process when your body sees that there is too much testosterone, and it starts converting it into women’s hormone – estrogen. This can give you so-called man boobs, mood swings, acne, etc. If you do not want to become a transformer (or transgender, idk), you need to take aromatase inhibitors, which will bind with excess testosterone themselves turning it into nothing instead of estrogen.

The next type of problem is connected with a type of steroids. Whether they are oral or injectable, if they are oral, that’s great. You do not need to buy one-time syringes and sterilize everything around. But, they are more toxic to your liver. This is at the same time one of the most important precautions too. So, don`t get too involved with steroids if you have messed up your liver.

Do I Really Need It

This is a very philosophical question. Do I need it? Why did I do it? What do I live for? Right. But before you fall into depression and existential crisis, we`ll tell you what: you can use steroids only if you have reached your genetic potential maximum. But before starting a cycle, you need to read everything about it, and it is better to start with something simple. Moreover, if you are under 25, there is a risk that steroids will harm you and make some changes to your body that can never be repaired. You also need to save money not only for steroids but also for health checks and proper post cycle therapy, and you CAN’T skip pct, don’t even think about saving money on this. And, if you decide to buy testosterone Canada after all, set your purposes right (cutting or bulking or fat loss) and stay on a healthy diet, absolutely no alcohol, and everyday exercises are your friends.


There are some cases where you really need to use testosterone. After all, it was originally designed for medical purposes and was used to cure hormone problems. In sports it is better to rely on your own skills, it will be fair for competitions and for your own conscience. But if you want to break through your already achieved results, go ahead and try testosterone to see where your limits are. But again, don`t forget that every action has its consequences!


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