10 Time-Tested Selfie Ideas That Will Make You Look good

June 9

Who doesn’t like to take selfies these days? Selfies are not merely pictures but much more than that. They are memories captured in the form of images that one will cherish forever. But are you tired of taking pictures for hours just to get one perfect selfie? If yes, then you must read this post till the end. In this post, we are going to share 10 ways that will make you look super good.

  • Pay attention to the background

A good background is crucial for the perfect selfie. Plain backgrounds are very trendy these days however they will get boring after a short while. This doesn’t mean that you will always need a new background. Try to be a little creative and fashion a unique background for yourself. For instance, You can take a printed fabric and stick it to the wall, and then use it as your background!

  • Lightening

Your selfie will not be nice if you don’t have good lighting. The outcome would be a grainy and dark picture. Another thing to keep in mind is to face the light and not to turn against the light.

  • The rule of thirds

This rule is the key to clicking wonderful pictures. An important thing to keep in mind is to place your face in a corner of the photo. You could place your face either on the top left or right corner.

  • You can use the back camera

Who said that you can’t take selfies with your back camera. The back camera in all smartphones is much better than the front camera, so why should you not use it? vivo V21 has a high-quality back camera that allows you to take crystal clear pictures.

  • The face isn’t necessary for selfies!

Yes, you read that right, you don’t have to include your face if you don’t want to and still click a great selfie. You can take a selfie without your face just to show your outfit for the day or maybe just your shoes! It is a great tip to follow for days when you feel low or if you just don’t want to click a selfie of your face!

  • Never stop experimenting

If you love taking selfies, chances are that you have already discovered your perfect angle. However, if you still don’t know what your perfect angle is you can keep on experimenting to find your right side. You can try a different angle of clicking pictures. Try clicking a selfie by placing your camera upwards in the left or right position. Always try to experiment a little to find the perfect angle.

  • Try something new

Don’t make your selfie monotonous. Try something new. For instance, if you have got a haircut recently then you can click a picture of yourself and post it. You can take pictures while you are reading, or with your pet. Never hesitate to try something new.

  • Accessories will enhance your selfie

Tired of boring and dull selfies? Then it’s time to use the power of accessories. Just grab anything you have sunglasses, a watch, earrings, a hat, scarf or even a bracelet will do. These tiny details will enhance your picture and give you the best selfie.

  • Install some editing apps

There are several editing apps available online that you can get for free. With the help of these editing apps, you can improve the quality of your selfies. You can adjust the brightness, temperature, sharpness, and much more. You can even try on different filters. All of these can enhance your picture and help you click a perfect selfie.

  • ¬†Group selfies

Another great way to add a whole new dimension to your selfie is taking a ‘welfie ‘ or a group selfie. In case you are a camera-shy person, group selfies can up your game. You can easily adjust the camera angle according to the number of people in the selfie.


Although these ideas might sound very simple they are very effective. Make sure that you use these tips the next time you’re clicking your selfies to make them more attractive.

It hasn’t been very long since selfies became trendy, however, the trend is not expected to go away very soon.


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