20 Best 10 MB Games for Android in 2020

October 11, 2019

Maybe you’re wondering why someone should look for 10MB games on Android, while most Android smartphones have a minimum of 16GB of built-in memory. Allow me to clarify your question with a simple answer; Android is connected to memory. The Android operating system is hungry for memory and consumes more storage space to function efficiently. My years of friendship with Android phones have made me realize that one should have a high-end Android smartphone if it’s a hardcore player and wants to satisfy their love of games. Not all users can afford the premium OnePlus and Samsung premium phones. Many of us are content with a smartphone that is compatible with wallets that are below budget. But these smartphones have medium specifications that are for regular use and give up when playing with intensive graphics.

In this article, you can find the best 10 MB games and that work like a spell on most low-cost Android smartphones without affecting performance. Then check out the list of high-quality Android games that have less than 10 MB of application size and spend your free time playing the games you like.

10 MB Games for Android

Here are top Android 10 MB Games;

1. Mekorama

This is my favorite and one of the most popular puzzle games available for Android with less than 10 MB. The game is recommended as an Editor option for Google PlayStore users. The game is available for free without hidden features. You can enjoy all the features of the game for free. You can play for as long as you want and if you think it’s worth it, you can support the developer by paying it, and this is your personal choice


2. Dr Driving

Dr Driving is a modern, simple and relaxing game for lovers of racing and adventure games. The 10 MB game is very addicting and easy to play with simple controls. The game is developed with impressive graphics and can easily be compared to your high-end buddies. The most exciting feature of this game is that you can even play with your friends in real time by connecting with your phone and you can run together.

3. 7X7

7X7 is my favorite color combination game. It’s like a merger between Tetris and Connect-four. In this game, you have to match four or more squares of the same color, in this way, the color square is eliminated and the grid is emptied. Your goal is to prevent the network from filling up as long as possible. With each attempt not to score, there will be an add-up of new squares, so you need to keep the grid as clear as possible. Race through the levels as you accumulate points and unlock different results. It’s fun to play. This game has recently disappeared from the Google gaming store.

4. Flow Free: Bridges

Flow Free: Bridges is a very popular game where you have to connect the same colors that form a tube. However, the pipes must not cross each other or break. To pass another pipeline you must use the bridge. There are more than 1000 levels divided into various table sizes, for example, 5 × 5, 6 × 6, 7 × 7, 8 × 8 and 9 × 9. The difficulty level varies from easy to very difficult. The graphics are clear, colorful and very minimal.

5. Modern Sniper

How about adding some real action to your old Android smartphone that is struggling to increase memory? While most action games are packaged in applications ranging from 100 MB to 1.5 GB, Modern Sniper is a modern action game.

6. Sky

The Sky is a unique 3D game that falls into the category of Arcade.

The game is unique and truly unique. What makes it even more compelling is that it confuses simple control options. There is a reason why you can find it playing. In this game, you have to control a small 3D tile as it flows between some structures in a random course. It could be easy, but the difficulty of the game is to avoid the obstacles that stand in the way. To bring the difficulty to the next level, the mosaic is cloned into different tiles and it becomes really difficult to check them all at once.

7. Shadow Skate

The Vector game has started a new trend in designing shadow games. Personally, I love playing video games developed by Nekki. But Vector 2 and Shadow Fight 3 are killing the memory and storage of my smartphone, as they have download sizes of 100 MB and 425 MB respectively. I quickly uninstalled those beasts from memory. Fortunately, I found this game of Shadow Skate less than 10 MB with a similar theme and, to my surprise, the application only has a size of 8.4 MB. I tried the application as soon as I noticed it and I fell in love with the application. The game has a very clean interface and simple controls. It is a very simple skating game and you can easily learn in a few minutes.

8. Caveman Adventure

Do you remember Mario or the island of adventures? Caveman is an adventure game designed by STEM Studios. The game follows a caveman whose child is kidnapped by a dinosaur and the caveman is running through the jungle to find his son and save him. The graphics and the pace of the game are as good as they should be right now. With over 20 stages, power-ups, power-low, 4 special worlds, hundreds of incredible obstacles make this game extremely compelling and unique in its class. Surely you will remember the old Mario games.

9. Skyball Lite

Skyball Lite is a 3D racing game with some furious turns. Skyball lite renders all the laws of physics useless and creates a world full of unconsciousness, disorientation, and restlessness. You have to use a hot air balloon and keep rolling until you reach the finish line. Everything in this world is upside down and gets you confused with a lot of twists. When we talk about 10 MB games, we usually have to compromise the graphics and VFX, but this is the beauty of Skyball Lite, compared to the small amount of space it will acquire on your Android, the VFX is pretty impressive.

10. Poly Path

Poly Path is another very addicting game. To play this game, you need an incredible amount of concentration and reflexes. Counter-balance the balls that should fall on the rings with their respective colors. Initially, the game is easy to play, but slowly the path becomes curious and starts moving and the game becomes extremely difficult to perform. It’s simple but very difficult to master. It does not require a damned Internet connection to play this amazing game of twisting the mind. Do you feel bored? Take the phone and start practicing your mind with something extraordinary. And since we’re talking about games with less than 10 MB, this game also has a size of only 5 MB.

Extra Bonus

Here are 10 More games that with size less than 10 MB

  1. Break The Prison
  2. Unblock Car
  3. Tattoo Tycoon Free
  4. World Citizen: Geography Quiz
  5. Yoo Ninja! Free 
  6. Paper Toss
  7. Pixel Dungeon
  8. Dominoes
  9. Incrediblock: brick breaker
  10. Singularity


All the games listed above are only 10 MB and some of them are even less than this. We have searched and collected the best of PlayStore and classified them for you. These low MB games will also entertain you and your Android device when you warm up your smartphones. If you are still confused about choosing the right games to try, then you can go with our short list of 10 MB games.

The above list is in no way conclusive and is purely my personal opinion. Do you have your list of the best Android games with less than 10 MB? Please feel free to share with us in your comments.


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