10 Facebook Alternatives You Should Consider In 2022

November 8, 2021

If you need a Facebook alternative that helps to protect your rights, read through the information below. Facebook, a social networking platform that came into existence in 2006 and marveled the whole internet with socialization as people began to see entertainment or communication beyond physical boundaries.

However, issues like privacy, security breach, ceaseless tracking, etc., began to arise over time, making users skeptical about the platform.

Do you also require an alternative to conservative Facebook? Note that although many social networking websites might not be at the same level as Facebook. However, they have survived the shadows of this digital communication network over the years.

Why is using a Facebook alternative a great idea?

Yes, we agree that Facebook is a social media giant. However, there are numerous reasons why you should consider other services compared to this social media. A popular reason why you should sign up on another site is their hidden terms and conditions.

Has it ever come to your mind that the agreed terms and conditions before creating an account with Facebook change constantly? In addition, the variation in the tech giant’s policies makes it challenging to keep updated while using the platform.

Other reasons include dissatisfaction with the services, numerous rules, and data protection issues. In addition, there is a report that Facebook ensures a constant change of interface updates and frameworks, which might not suit your preference.

In conclusion, some of us have witnessed many questionable actions by Facebook or third-party user platforms. Hence, we are more concerned about privacy issues, as unwanted ads pop up daily using this website.

I am sure you can now see why you should consider other platforms compared to using Facebook. Furthermore, continue reading if you want to know why an open-source alternative to Facebook is the best idea.

Why using Open-source Facebook Alternative is the best option

Generally, using open-source alternatives is a brilliant idea because it provides a better and quality experience. In addition, this alternative removes all doubts from a centralized or closed-source platform.

Similarly, prompt user security is a massive benefit as encrypted chat has no censorship and supports freedom of speech. With an open-source alternative, you need to worry about anyone hacking through your previous conversations.

Most social media enthusiasts consider alternatives as decentralized platforms that fix errors of popular social media websites, including Facebook. Moreover, effective open-source options help to eliminate manipulative news feed as some provide the details of the hosted data.

With this approach, you save time and control your data usage as your information is secure. So don’t be surprised when the statistics show that more people are switching to open-source alternative platforms from Facebook.

10 Open-source alternatives you should consider aside from Facebook in 2022 (Conservative, Free Speech)


Parler started operation in August 2018. It is a free speech network for conservatives and conspiracy theorists. However, unlike Facebook, the platform ensures you have the perfect avenue to share your views without fear of criticism or security harassment. In addition, the latest technological tools protect the client’s privacy as you don’t worry about removing your account.

According to a report by one of the representatives of Parler Inc. in November 2020, the site has more than 10 million users, as 4 million active users utilize the free-speech social media network. Although journalists still criticize the content policy of Parler Inc., as some clients express that it was after registration, they discover that the content policy is stricter compared to what it portrays. So before you sign up for this service, ensure to scrutinize the content policy to avoid regrets.


On a 5 star rating, Rumble gets 4.7 because it is effective across numerous locations. The service started operation in 2013, and so far, it has millions of clients spread across locations worldwide. Additionally, rumble is available on the Apple store as about 60k individuals who had first-hand experience gave the platform positive ratings.

To make money as you share videos, Rumble is the right choice for you. Chris Pavlovski, the CEO of Rumble, expressed that the number of daily signups keeps surging as the app recently got featured among top apps on the Apple store on several occasions.


Although Mastodon began operation in 2017, it is a good platform that has won the heart of users sorting for top Facebook alternatives. Reviews show that it has one of the best interfaces, community management, and vital devolution without mentioning its large user population. Currently, It is undoubtedly one of the most effective social networks.

On Mastodon, you can post images, links, texts, videos and follow people you share similar opinions with after creating a profile. Note that these services are free as there are no ads, and the site does not accumulate users’ data for security purposes. Lastly, the entire feeds are uncategorized.


After the launch of this platform in 2014, some called it “Facebook killer,” but it became a publishing space for designers and artists over time. As a Facebook alternative, it is an excellent avenue for communication as the services are free with zero records of Ads pop-up. The network does not exchange users’ information/data for money from 3rd party networks. It has a share, like, comment, and follow artistic feature like other social media networks. Consider using Ello social media network if you have a product/service you would like to market to an audience.


Users referred to Minds as a Crypto social network after it came to the public in 2015. Clients prefer it to networks because of features like timelines, excellent profiles, and content that guide you to navigate your network. In addition, this website was for anti-surveillance as it rewards content developers with tokens.

If you find a post offensive, you can banish the content from your feed. Like other platforms, you can comment, post, like, share and scroll down the newsfeed. Lastly, Minds is a good alternative for you because it has strict policies that support transparency, privacy, democratization, and liberty.


Another top-rated Facebook alternative is LinkedIn. This network is vital because it simplifies communication among professionals and assists in job search, employee hire, etc. So if you want a mixture of a career-building platform with a blend of socialization, choose LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s “Pulse” feature enables you to share ideas with big corporate bodies. Similarly, some of its services require payment before being given access.


The number of new members of Vero continues to surge daily. Although founded in 2015, it is a perfect site to share your opinion as you have complete control over who accesses your content. It is entirely free from Ads but also a subscription-oriented service. Vero is more like a link or image-sharing social media network as there are no data extractions with effective client privacy measures.


MeWe is not as strong as other Facebook alternatives because it does not have enough coverage. However, it contains features including tagging, private chats, custom profiles, cloud storage, etc. MeWe is not for money-generating as it has a strict policy against data sales to a third-party site. You might notice a few ads as they have stringent measures for monitoring unwanted stuff.


As the name implies Nextdoor, connects you with individuals in your locality. Suppose you would like to communicate with someone in your locality but are looking for the right avenue to ignite a friendship, signup on Nextdoor today. This platform simply draws the cloak of social engagement to the real world.


Diaspora is among the best alternatives to Facebook because users are in all their social activities. The site started operation in 2010 and operates on three philosophies: Effective user’s privacy, Decentralization, and Total social freedom. Since its launch, users can analyze its publicly available code without traces of tracking, data-selling, or ads.

During registration, you select a pod that stores your information as you also control your hosting. In addition, Diaspora makes it easy to engage the target audience with hashtags, newsfeeds, and messages. So far, we can conclude that Diaspora is a trusted alternative to Facebook in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there safe social platforms that serve as alternatives to Facebook?

Yes, there are safe platforms that serve this purpose. There are many alternative services to Facebook which are secure and user-friendly. Some of them include Diaspora, Mastodon, Steemit, etc.

Does Facebook have any competitors?

Yes, several social networks offer better features and protect users’ data compared to Facebook. Some of these networks include WT.Social, Steemit, Mastodon, etc.

Which other social networks are available aside from Facebook?

Besides Facebook, other social media platforms you can sign up on include MeWe, Twitter, Diaspora, Vero, among others.

Which alternative is the best apart from Facebook?

According to the customer’s review, so far, Mastodon and Vero are the best Facebook alternative you should sign up for in 2022. However, you can register on other networks based on preference. Most of the social platforms mentioned above are safe, decentralized, and user-friendly, with no report of unnecessary ads.


The above information summarizes the best Facebook alternatives you can try before 2022 and common questions people ask about these platforms. Most of these sites have an individual mode of operations to satisfy their clients while they protect your information. Of course, if you do decide to stay on the platform, you can help yourself grow by buying Facebook likes.

Although Facebook is a big market in socialization, the alternatives above are more friendly and fascinating, making them a better option than the famous tech company. If you feel promoting your page on Facebook is easy, try any of the above-listed alternative platforms


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