Your Must-Have Android Development Tools 

October 18, 2022

The introduction of smartphones has made lives easier. Smartphones or Android phones are handy and used for various purposes, from making a phone call to making purchases online. There has been an immense growth of Android users worldwide for its efficiency and easy-to-use nature. 

People use Android phones, which enables them to receive entertainment, make purchases and transactions online, and connect with people worldwide. This has become possible only with the help of various tools and features. Development companies work continually to enhance the current features and come up with new ones for their users. Below you will find some of the important tools for Android development. 

Must-Have Tools for Android Development

The rise of Android users has proportionately led to the increase of apps and better-operating systems. This has also led to the increased demands of Android application developers and will continue to increase in the future. Android developers can build apps and features much faster and more efficiently, thanks to advanced technologies, integrated developing teams, and other sophisticated tools. Here are some of the prominent tools that are currently used for Android app development: 

1. Android Studio 

One of the most preferred tools is Android Studio, ideally designed for the Android application development process. Google created Android Studio in 2013; it provides testing tools, debugging, and code editing, all within an easy-to-drag-and-drop interface. Android Studio is free to download and is largely supported by Android developers.

2. AVD Manager 

AVD Manager (Android Virtual Device) is a feature of Android Studio. AVD Manager is not different from your average emulator used for running Android applications on desktops and computers. As a result, developers can work with different types of Android devices to test their responsiveness and overall performance on various versions, resolutions, and screen sizes. 

3. Android Debug Bridge 

Another useful feature of Android Studio is the Android Debug Bridge (ADB). It bridges the gap between Android devices and any other computer to facilitate efficient communication. Android development companies use ADB during the development process and the overall Q&A and debugging process. Connecting Android devices with PC and entering terminal commands enables the developers to make modifications as needed.

4. Fabric 

Fabric is a development platform for Android applications. It helps the developers build better Android apps by providing a set of kits they can choose from. These kits have everything from beta testing to advertising tools to marketing. Groupon, Uber, Yelp, Spotify, and other big companies have used Fabric in developing their mobile applications.

5. Genymotion 

Genymotion is nothing but an Android emulator that helps developers test and preview the application on 3,000 devices. It comes with standard pre-installed images and graphics that are useful in testing. This is why Genymotion is popular among game developers. Genymotion also offers better speed than testing apps on actual Android devices.

6. NimbleDroid 

Nimbledroid is another testing tool that allows users to check the used-up Android app for memory bugs, leaks, and other issues right before releasing it on Google Play. NimbleDroid saves developers time and speeds up the QA process, which helps apps get into the market faster. Big companies like Yahoo, Pinterest, and Mozilla have all used NimbleDroid to test their android applications. 

7. Unreal Engine 

Unreal Engine is another advanced gaming development tool. It is an open-source, free-of-cost, cross-platform solution that helps create high-level interactive games. Unreal Engine is a popular choice among experts offering Android application development services as it features the Blueprint system. The Blueprint system limits the use of a lot of coding, which makes it easier for developers with minimal coding experience. 


As the demand for Android apps is increasing, the demand for competent Android app developers will also increase. This has led to the rise of sophisticated tools which help developers and app designers to save time while producing. These tools also helped them to build the apps better and faster.  


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