Wondershare Filmora: The Best Adobe Premiere Pro Alternative

September 10, 2022

If you’re looking for video editing software, you will find Adobe Premiere Pro get, recommended by many professional filmmakers, but it isn’t your only option. However, Adobe has become the market leader in video editing for anything ranging from casual get-together videos to editing an entire movie. However, due to its complex interface and wide range of options, beginners find it challenging to edit their videos. If you are looking for a more simplistic and feature-rich video editor for Windows, then Wondershare Filmora is a perfect option.

Quick Overview of Wondershare Filmora

Filmora, Wondershare’s much-anticipated flagship product, is a powerful and versatile video editor for Windows and Mac users. Its wide range of capabilities promises to make professional-level video editing and photo transitions as easy as possible. Filmora video editor offers attractive and simple-to-use features, a wide range of video effects, and advanced editing features. New video creators choose Filmora video editor because it’s a “one size fits all” solution. Unlike Adobe Premiere Pro, you don’t have to learn how to use it. All the features of Filmora are self-explanatory. 


A platform’s interface defines its functionality. Filmora possesses an easy-to-use interface, making it much easier for a newbie in the field of video editing. The timeline, cursor, clips, and layers are designed to facilitate users’ work smoothly and without any hindrance. Filmora’s export button allows easy exporting and multiple options. In addition, the media panel on the timeline offers access to external and local clips. 

One of the best things that make Filmora unique is that you don’t have to be an expert or experienced video editor to use it. If you have never used any video editor before, you can still create amazing videos with Filmora. But it takes more time to learn the basic functionality to create simple videos when it comes to Adobe Premiere Pro. 


Regarding video editing, not everyone is an expert or knows how to make videos. Keeping that in mind, Filmora presents itself in a much more tidy and organized look: the Media Panel, Timeline Panel, and Player Panel. It’s super easy for newbies to start, as the transitions, titles, and video effects are straightforward for new editors to place and customize.

Color Corrections

Color correction can improve the footage and project in post-production. Color correction may offer your task a particular vibe, evoking diverse emotions in the spectator. Coloring clips is restricted by the program you’re using. Filmora contains all the comprehensive tools that are required for perfect results.

Filmora’s color-correcting tools are straightforward. Altering a video’s temperature, saturation, and contrast, adding luts, copying and pasting preset, and more are all options. It’s also simple. First-time editors will understand most tools. 

Open FX Plugins

Filmora’s plugin strategy is simple: add what consumers desire. It’s suitable for transitions and titles. There is no need to look elsewhere when you get everything already made available within the software.

Apart from all available plugins, now you can use amazing effects designed by the widely known and famous developer Boris FX and the NewBlue FX effect. It can enhance your videos to a great extent without you doing anything. So download these effects from the Filmora interface and get started. But if you feel like making some changes to these effects, the modification option lets you make all the required changes.

If you’re seeking a particular design or transition, you’ll probably find one choice that works, which is convenient. 

Speech to Text and Text to Speech

The Speech to Text tool of Filmora enables you to quickly convert voiceovers into subtitles with only one click. By using speech-to-text conversion, you can reduce the amount of time spent transcribing subtitles and increase the effectiveness of your editing.

You can convert the text files into voiceover using Filmora’s Text to Speech feature, allowing you to add more components to enrich the film.

Instant mode

Video editing expertise is not required when creating a video with Instant Mode. Instead, upload the media files you want to display, and Filmora will immediately make a video.

Auto Montage

With Auto Montage Maker, it will no longer be challenging to match the film with the music you select since the software can edit the footage to make it flow smoothly with the music you choose.

AI portrait

The AI portrait tool is included in the Filmora video editor and makes it easy to recognize and remove people from the background of your videos. You can do this by just dragging and clicking on the background. In addition, various portrait effects and augmented reality stickers can make you even more enjoyable when you are editing videos.


You can produce your video clip using the masking and blending modes available in Filmora. Then, cover and combine video clips to get diverse video effects.


Filmora is free video editing software; however, a watermark will be added to your project when you export your project. It’s not for enthusiasts or pros. When purchasing the Pro version, it has the edge over Premiere Pro. You can get Filmora Pro for $49.99 per annum, which is reasonably priced.

When you purchase the Filmora plan, you get access to Stock Media, which includes Unsplash, Giphy, Pixabay, and Pixel. In addition, you are also provided with 1 GB of Wondershare Drive and Text to Speech and Speech to Text conversion feature.


Adobe Premiere Pro is software that can be helpful for professional filmmaking or large projects, but it is not user-friendly for beginners. Each user may decide on the application that suits them, and both fit different people. Filmora is an excellent application if you are starting as an editor, want to create simple videos in a hurry, and aren’t overly concerned with having complete control over every facet of your projects in favor of having an intuitive interface. Filmora has Speed ramping, Instant mode, Masks, Audio synchronization, Speech to Text & Text to Speech, Auto Montage, and AI portrait. All these features make Filmora the best among all other video editors at an affordable price.


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