WinX Video Converter – Your Ultimate Video Conversion Tool

September 12, 2021

WinX Video Converter is an absolute video converter that facilitates the conversion of videos of nearly all formats into a massive variety of 200+ formats. From 4K/HD HEVC recording to GoPro/DJI/DSLR, or DVD/Blu-ray rip, YouTube clip, WinX can convert any video. The best part is that the users can pick any format for the final video from the huge collection of formats offered by WinX.

Why Should You Use WinX Video Converter?

WinX Video Converter has gained popularity among the tech geeks and the reason is its outstanding and easy-to-use features. Besides, multi-functionality is also an incredible factor. The entire video conversion is conducted without any loss of quality and within a quick time span with this 4K converter.

Listed below are the prime features of WinX Video Converter:

Video Compression without Loss of Quality

WinX Video Converter is an expert at reducing the video size to facilitate fast upload alongside keeping the video quality intact. It can easily compress heavy video files of up to 4K without any visual quality loss. This enables quick uploading of 4K videos to YouTube 9r cloud. Besides, it also enables the UHD videos to be played better without undergoing any stutter/ lags on under-powered computer or TVs, and also facilitate the storage of big video files on limited hard drives.

Trim, Crop and Merge Videos Easily

WinX video converter is a handy tool for bloggers and YouTubers who want to compose new stories with their short video clips. The lightweight video editor does not only help in trimming big videos into multiple segments but also helps in merging multiple videos into one clip, cropping unnecessary parts or black edges of videos as well as facilitate the rotation or flip of videos upside down. The latter feature is rarely found in video editing software. Moreover, this video editing software has also made video personalization very easy.

Customize Subtitles for Videos

Subtitles are a very significant component of videos that give a description of the content. In order to provide a clear description of your content to the audience, you can add external SRT subtitles to the video by using WinX Video converter. There are two options: The subtitles can be permanently burnt on the video footage or soft subtitles can be added simply.

Technical Features

Some strong insightful technical features of WinX Video Converter are as follow:

  • 4K/ HD Online Support:

WinX completely supports the download or conversion of 4K UHD, Full HD 1080p, HD 720p videos from video camcorders, drones, or online sites. It converts 4K videos in no time!

  • Enhanced Outputs Quality:

There is an option of a high-quality engine that facilitates the better image quality of videos so that every detail appears clear.

  • Superfast Conversion Speed:

This is the fastest video converter that delivers 20x real-time faster speed by using the Super Transcoding Engine and Multi-Core CPU feature.

WinX Video Converter is Safe to Use!

WinX Video Converter is by Digiatry which is a leading name in the software industry i.e. Multimedia solutions. Each and every processing step of download, install to purchase, and convert is kept highly secured. There is no involvement of risk at any step but professionals recommend the download and installation of the converter program from the official website.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is Free to Download

The initial version of WinX Video Converter is free to download but that offers limited options. For an advanced and complete version, the users are required to buy the full version of the software so that they can get access to all features. The free version is just for trial purposes! However, the free version does not put watermarks over the videos which is in fact a great thing! The free 4K video converter has a time limit of 5 minutes, it just supports 1080P, HD, and common video formats, the video downloading can be done from 300 websites only and the videos can be converted to limited formats i.e., MP4, AVI, MPEG, WMV and a few more.

WinX Video Converter is Available for Mac

Presently, the WinX Video Converter is only available for Mac, and there is no version of it currently available for Android. Mostly, people prefer conducting the video conversion and editing tasks over Mac or Windows PC since the large screen devices provide a bigger view and make the process easy. Besides, such devices also provide sufficient space to store and process large size media files.

WinX is Also a Video Downloader

WinX 4K video converter has a Video downloading option too which allows the users to download videos not only from YouTube but also from other 1000+ websites. The users are just required to input the video URL, select the desired output resolution and format of the video, which eventually proceeds the saving and auto conversion of video into the desired format online. However, the download speed is dependent on the status of the Internet connection and the file size.

Photo to Video Slideshow Maker

Well, this one’s quite the basis and common feature that almost every video editing software offers, but WinX Video Converter offers this option with instant speed and ease of use. It just needs the photos to be added or uploaded, which is followed by the merge up and conversion of photos into a video. Afterward, background music of choice can be added to the video.

Pros of Using WinX Video Converter

It is an easy-to-use and free video converting and editing software that supports all major video formats as well as provides good quality and instant results.

Cons of Using WinX Video Converter

It’s just that the options are limited and just basic editing is facilitated.

Video conversions are no more a hassle with WinX Video Converter. Download it for free today and get started!


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