Windows 10 Timeline continuity tool for insiders is soon to Launch

November 29

As Microsoft unveils the newer version of Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update, it announced some of its features too. The most important one is Windows 10 Timeline Continuity tool. This is really a cool feature that has incorporated in the new version of Windows 10. Just like your personal assistant, it’s going to recall all that you have done in recent past if you wish to go through it. This feature tracks all you have been doing like on which document you were and on which app, which sites you have been browsing or which e-mails you were in the middle of, you can retrieve this information later through this feature. It also puts back your Window where you exactly left it.

You can see the past history of your work on the task switcher. Press Win-tab to see the present app you have been working on, now you can scroll down to view historic applications and documents.

Switch between multiple devices

This feature also allows Windows users to switch between various devices be it phones, tablets or desktops. You can also switch in between Android and iOS phones with this newly incorporated feature. It is designed so that very quickly you can move from one device to other. The Cortana integration extends this feature to some Microsoft apps on iOS and Android. So if you haven’t finished writing an article using Microsoft Word on your desktop, you can resume it on your phone from the very point where you left it.

The real idea is to facilitate Windows 10 users to jump to other devices also. By registering apps to the Microsoft Graph, app developers allow Windows 10 users to roam content and apps to different mobile devices. All thanks to Cortana. App developers just need little information to link up apps and the ways to prompt Cortana so the sessions can be resumed on phones.

When shall we expect Timeline feature of Windows 10?

The company is said to be testing the final features with Windows Insiders. It will soon be available in the Fast Ring.


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