Windows 10 features that you probably didn’t know about

October 8, 2017

Microsoft unveiled its latest version of Windows last week, and also Microsoft lets users download and install new Windows 10 on your PC / Laptops. Microsoft has also announced free Windows 10 upgrade program. Below are some of the best things we found while poking around with the new OS. If you wish to try out the Technical Preview at the moment, you can read our guide here. Note that, however, that this program can and will change before it eventually reaches customers.

Microsoft will probably add additional attributes to the list as well as the ones we discuss here could be changed. Before it is released to the general public, so don’t take these as a guarantee from Microsoft. They are pretty cool, however.

As usual with new operating systems, there are attributes that the firm have either glossed over or forgotten to mention for some reason. With each system upgrade and a more recent version, Windows has only gone far behind than anybody could anticipate. We’ve put together a list of 7 hidden features that you did not know exist in your Windows. Have a look, and you can thank us later.

How many users to window and obtained to a free update to new users window 10 while back. They are predecessors window 10; attribute remains into concealed files. There are some simple to the spot, somewhat hard to discover. They are can you find to them how to use them.

1. Make Web searches directly from your Taskbar

To the right click on the system tray place to the far right to the taskbar and into the select ‘Toolbars’ in this open side menu with speech as they first choice. To click on ‘Speech’ to put on your taskbar.

2. Uninstall a program from the Start menu

To click on the start button, then scroll down for a list of the apps and apps installed, and to the right click any programs, and any pick. While some are simple to spot, others are somewhat hard to discover. Let’s explore what they are and where can you find them and learn how to use them.

We have compiled a list of some tips and techniques that will help you navigate Window’s latest operating system. When you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 just yet, you’ve got a couple more months to make the most of the free license.

Some of those attributes are less obviously useful, such as the ability to change the transparency of the window (but it only takes effect on a resume, which makes it only marginally useful). But some are extremely cool.


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