8 Best Windirstat Alternatives For Windows

August 1, 2020

WinDirStat is a Storage analyzer used for Windows. It is an open-source tool that shows how much percentage of the disc is used by the files present in the system. The full form of WinDirStat is Windows directory statistics. This tool scans the whole hard disk and creates a directory of all the files and data present in the system. It provides you with a treemap that shows all the files within the directory. It will also export the reports to your mail. You can remove files and programs for clearing up space in your system. You can manage your storage via this application. This application provides reports in three ways which are, via directory list that is sorted by file size, a treemap, and an extensive list that shows statistics about usage by file type.

Features of WinDirStat

Space- this tool shows all the details about the files on a system. It also shows the percentage of the space taken by a specific file. It has a very unique way to show all the files and details about them. This application provides all the information regarding every file that is on the system. It has a unique way to show all the graphical structure of data. Every file and data has its colour on the graphical map shown by the applications.

Drives- this application is capable of scanning internal, external, and network devices. Many Storage analyzer tools cannot scan the external devices on the network drives. This application can go through all the files that are there in the external drive. It doesn’t leave any file behind while scanning the drives. Is cancer all the drivers properly without missing any information about them and pointing the percentage of storage it is using in the system.

Cleanup- If a user sets a time of cleaning up then the application will automatically start the cleaning up process. The user can set the timing for cleanup in the system. The application will clean up all the drive which the user has selected for cleanup. If a user cannot remember to clean up the system day to day than he/she can use this feature.

8 Best WinDirStat Alternatives For Windows

Below we are sharing some best Windirstat Alternatives that you can use in Windows in 2020. These all alternatives are tested by me and Disk Analyzer pro is the best.

Disk analyzer Pro

The best and application is a very simple application with a very easy user interface. The application finds the file with the lowest data all the files that have no data but still occupies disk space. It is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP. This application easily finds and deletes unwanted files. it also points out the temporary and junk files on the system. This application is capable of finding the oldest and largest files or folders on the system. With the help of this application, you can also know about the type, size, ownership, or when the file was last updated.


Just like the WinDirStat application this application also uses the treemap feature to show the data. It doesn’t use much of the space in the system and is a very fast application. In today’s time, people look for security and this application is highly secure. One feature of this application is that it is really quick when producing desserts. It doesn’t take much time to produce results from the scan. You can also add a filter to the preview of the data. You can choose, what kind of file you want to see how much space it is taking.



This application can be the best alternative for WinDirStat. This application also has a very simple user interface. users do not need to know how to use a disk space analyzer they can just open the application and learn from it. It provides data based on which directories or subdirectories are consuming the file. It is a superfast alternative to WinDirStat as it uses MFT and NTFS search engines. It is designed to solve the directory for the user so that the user does not have to put more effort. The user can copy the values of a file or folder and use them later.


It is a free application with help in organizing the space in the system. Just like WinDirStat, it also uses the concept of treemap to view available space on the disk. It has a unique feature of not affecting the registry. Many space analyzer and manager application can affect the registry of applications to free up space in your device. This application doesn’t affect any of your registries of applications. It also supports the drag and drops feature with the most powerful filtering and customization options. It is a quick application that saves a lot of time by scanning as fast as it can.


This application is a freeware utility and also analyses and managers disc space. It also has a pretty intuitive user interface that provides one report in one go. The installation of this application is pretty long and boring but it is very easy to use. It is compatible with all versions of Windows. It provides data with all the information it can provide. It shows the insight into the space consumed by directories and subdirectories. This application is very good for personal use and also can be used for corporate programs as well.

Disk Recon

This application is used for disk space utility which provides you with all the information about your storage. It stands all the drives for large files and folders, unused files, or duplicate files. The user interface of this application is also intuitive and is very useful for common users. It supports Unicode files and folder names. Many Storage analyzing applications do not support the Unicode file and folder which results in improper cleaning of the storage disks. It has many features one of which is Shell integration. It can scan all the local drivers and network drivers as well.


This application is very good at analyzing disk space. It helps in understanding the proper disk usage. The application works very well with statistics. it is a very effective statistics collector as it understands the disk usage properly. One of its best features is that it can synchronize with Amazon’s drive. It maintains the Amazon drive and provides optimum disk help for portable devices. It is an ad-free software which is free of cost.



This application is also so one of the best disk cleaning software. This application consists of a very intuitive user interface for new users. It easily studies your hard drives disk space and provides which text you with the data. This application allows you to delete extra folders that take more space in the disk. This application also deletes duplicate files and folders. It is one of the highest-rated Softwares and is preferred as the best alternative toWinDirStat.


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