Widgets in IGaming: Best in 2021

June 30, 2021

Nearly everyone who is at least somewhat internet savvy has heard of the term widget. However, it still is slightly technical, so while we may think we know what it refers to, we may not be able to define it in reality. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. A widget is something like an application that is put into a website. The usage of widgets goes far beyond just websites, though. One can find them on various online platforms like social media and nearly every smartphone. To better grasp the concept, think of the clock and weather apps on your phone which display what you need to know without opening the app. If talking about the latest iOS system, then you can quickly and easily open a screen full of widgets with a swipe to the right. They may include the latest news, finances, favorite photos, countdowns, games, and so on.

Benefits of Widgets

What’s the point of widgets? At first glance, they may seem just like any other application you have on your phone or just a random working code on a website. However, there is a reason behind the madness. After all, everyone who has a smartphone uses widgets, whether on purpose or not. The beauty of a widget is that it updates entirely automatically. You do not need to take a single action for the widget to do what you want it to. Think about your widget app on the phone. As soon as you swipe to look at it, it will update and show you the most up-to-date temperatures. This is the primary benefit of widgets – up-to-date information generated automatically for users. Another significant benefit of widgets is their implementation. It’s relatively easy to insert a widget into a website or platform for an interactive experience. As a result, users of third-party websites get the freshest content that they can easily engage with. This is especially true for the social media feed. People have gotten lazy scrolling through the newsfeed, so to give them interactive content, it needs to be ready to pop out from the page as soon as it hits the visible part of the user’s screen. We can indeed say that widgets have transformed our lives without us noticing the backend of their work. While social media and phones are the most obvious places where you can find widgets daily, many other hubs take advantage of all that these elements have to offer.

Various Uses of Widgets

Widgets are used to provide the latest content, engage users, help them access what is needed, and let them enjoy themselves online. While we have already covered the life of widgets on your phone and social media, there are a few other popular uses of these elements. QR codes are also widgets, which are growing in popularity. While they may have appeared a bit too early for users to catch on, they are gaining popularity with advertisers adding them to ads and trying to connect the offline and online experiences of potential customers. The online gambling sphere has also taken advantage of this concept. Various casino games come to life thanks to widgets and let players enjoy themselves without the unnecessary trip to Vegas. Thanks to these very widgets, iGaming has found a boom in many countries all over the world. For example, in Australia, about 80% of the country’s adult population is prevalent in gambling primarily due to the rapid development of this sphere in general. It makes perfect sense. After all, traveling to Las Vegas from as far as Australia can cost you a pretty penny. Let’s say it like it is – it will cost you thousands of dollars, and that’s without actually spending a dollar on a bet. Thanks to the Internet, though, people can spend as little as several dollars to try their luck. Some can even have a good time playing for free in the demo mode of many slots available by various software providers. Slots are not the only type of online casino attraction.

Widgets in iGaming

The world of online gambling comprises several top types of games that you can find. These include free online slots, table games, live betting and sometimes sport betting. This is now all available from the tap of your phone, from the click of the remote control of your smart TV or the click of a mouse or touchpad of your personal computer. The benefits for users are apparent – enjoy yourself from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

It’s no wonder that with the ever-evolving computer technologies of today, iGaming websites are trying hard to keep up. As it is rapidly growing in popularity, many popular options from the past are diminishing. For example, the standard lottery and the scratch cards are now far less prevalent than they were even some ten years ago. The past gambling methods are evolving into new online ones. Let’s also take a closer look at the type of widgets that one may encounter while gambling online.

1. Free online slot games of all shapes and sizes.

2. Table games including blackjack, roulette, and poker.

3. Jackpots – standard and progressive.

4. Lottery widgets.

This article will cover the most popular iGaming widgets and the various shapes and sizes that they come in.

Widgets for Online Casinos

There is a specific software behind every online casino. Widgets are only part of the website software for online casinos. There are several ways that you can group the iGaming widgets and discuss their types, so let’s consider them in terms of casino jackpots by platform and the free round widgets.

1. Casino Jackpots Widget. The software behind today’s online casinos is developed by gaming companies that specialize in gambling. This widget gives you a great opportunity to control your winnings, follow dynamics and tips and become a champion. This widget is useful for players who are interested in seeing the result, as well as sorting their favorite games by provider. It’s like the player’s right hand – they provide the invisible magic that makes the website work, allowing players to spin slots, play games, and win jackpots. While there are hundreds of online casinos out there, only a few top casino software providers support them all.

2. Free Round Widget. This type of widget is mainly used in free slots no download, and it opens extra bonus rounds for players. In some slots, the free round widget is limited to rewarding just a few free spins to the gambler, while in others, it may open a new set of reels or a separate bonus round. Individual casino jackpots come in two major types – standard and progressive. A standard jackpot is usually linked to one game. Players place bets, and if they lose, their bet is put towards the ultimate jackpot. One game – one jackpot. With progressive jackpots, several games may be linked to it. For example, all slots on a site may have one shared progressive jackpot. While the ladder is usually more extensive, the chances of winning it are also lower.

Widgets for Slot Games

The standard version of free slots no download consisting of several reels and a good number of paylines can quickly get boring even with amazing graphics and thrilling sound effects. When you see the same symbols spinning and spinning in front of you, the sense of excitement diminishes quickly. That’s why two types of widgets are used as add-ons to your classic slots for you to try now.

1. Wheel of Fortune Widget. Imagine spinning the 5-reel free slots casino games over and over again. You see the crazy 7s, the cherries, and the lemons all spinning in front of you. Pretty hypnotizing and relatively predictable. Suddenly, when you collect the scatter symbol in just the right amount and open a whole new bonus round – the wheel of fortune widget. Just as the name suggests, you see a wheel of fortune in front of you with lots of goodies and rewards ranging from a few free spins to significant winnings. This widget is created to add some diversity to your spins, and your benefit is pretty straightforward – you get to win extra free slots with bonuses.

2. Lucky Spin Widget. Another type of free slot with bonus rounds that you may unlock while betting on the spin after spin basis at an online slot is the Lucky Spin Widget. Once you open it, the slot machine will alert you of it and take you to a separate online room where you’ll be able to spin for free spins. This widget lets you play free casino slot games for fun and bet on paylines without actually spending any of your money. The benefit is that you get to collect the winnings made from the free spins without spending a dime on your end.

Best Lottery Widgets to Try

The lottery is popular all over the world. People dream of breaking the bank, winning the lottery, and spend their time fantasizing about just what they will do with all that money that falls on their heads. As a legalized form of gaming, the lottery is sometimes even provided by national governments. Some families have a tradition of watching just what numbers will fall every Sunday together in front of the TV. Another reason for the popularity is the simplicity of play. All it takes is a lottery card, a lucky one preferably. Any website can embed different types of free lottery widgets that are translated into several languages. It’s a simple one-time installation that takes care of all future updates by itself. No additional coding is required of the developer, which makes this widget super attractive. JKL Because the content is free, it is handy for any website owner, and this widget also creates value for customers and SEO purposes. The two most popular are the individual and group lottery results:

1. The individual lottery results widget shows the latest details about the jackpot of a particular website. It is used to track the results to see if you won. The benefit is that players come to check this widget for up-to-date information on their lottery tickets.

2. The grouped lottery results widget can show the groups of lotteries. For example, the latest loto dates and winnings, dates for the nearest draws and jackpots, US/European/Australia/Latin America lotteries. Unlike the individual lottery results, this widget is more general, attracting customers who may still be looking to see where to place their money and what to expect in terms of dates and winnings.

Widgets for Esports

Esports are also part of the iGaming world, and there are three main types of widgets that you may encounter in this area.

1. Abios Esports. This widget shows all the latest statistics and data about esports. A website can display various scores, graphics, statistics, streams, odd all in live time. It is used to deliver the latest information to interested site visitors. Based in Stockholm, Abios Esports’ benefit is that it lets users dive into data on the go.

2. Esportsguide. The widget provided by this platform is more focused on showing the times of the nearest tournaments, events, and matches. It is used to make sure you do not miss an important game and allows users to stay on top of the times wherever they are in the world because the time difference can really throw anyone off.

3. Strafe. They position themselves as an all-in-one widget that allows watching your favorite team live, helps you make the most profitable bets thanks to their prediction systems, and even has their networks where esport fans can connect.

Sports Betting Widgets

1. Betradar Sports Data Widgets. This widget shows real-time data about some of the most popular world sports. Its main benefit is that the widget’s design is very customizable, making it look very native to the website where it is integrated.

2. Oddspedia Odds Comparison. To keep track of the latest sports data, this widget is exactly what you need. It creates a feed of all the latest statistics, odds, and information in the esports industry. The main benefit is that it depicts data in one place, representing over 70 bookmakers.

Best NetEnt: Widget for Sports Betting and Live Casino Action

The world of online casinos and sports betting is very often divided. Even if a website tailors to both needs, they are usually split into different sections. There is, however, a Netent widget that combines the two. This widget allows players to play free casino slot games for fun and betting on sports simultaneously. This widget is needed for those players who want to stay in the loop of the latest esports news while enjoying their online casino game. Just picture it, you just placed a bet on a house you’ve had an eye on for a while, and race is still a while away. While you wait, you decide to enjoy some blackjack to distract yourself from the wait. But even as the dealer is serving cards, you want to know when it is time to finally hear the race result. It is all available within one widget, so for those wanting to add some multitasking to the iGaming experience – this widget is what you need.


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