Why should you Indulge your Financial Manager?

May 22

The good management of a company passes by the harmony, the development, and the understanding that are an integral part of the actions to be carried out. Thus, a business manager must establish a good relationship between his staff and himself. Especially those in charge of major positions such as that of the financial manager who requires good attention and good collaboration. In this article, follow the reasons why to pamper your financial manager.

New recruitment perspectives

Today it is no longer a question of choosing through recruitment the candidate who fulfills simple criteria of diplomas and experience. Recruiting in 2020 for a human resources director means finding the right profile through his talent for being active, responsive, and lively in the company. It must be admitted that the source of such a change comes from the absence of a coalition between the reality on the job market and the disciplines. Specifically at FD Capital, the level of accounting and finance, recruiters are looking for a financial manager capable of integrating and appropriating the problems of the company.

Benefits of this new approach

In view of this large-scale change, the financial manager complains about the trivialization of his position and his competence within the company. Many claim merit and want to demonstrate that they are key elements in the organization and strategic decision-making within the company. Studies carried out in collaboration with the Financial and Management Control Directors (DFCG) , have shown that out of a sample of 100 financial managers, only around 45 say they are satisfied with the job.

The key to success: Make the financial manager a business partner

The finance manager as CFO plays an irreversible role in the strategic decision-making of the company. He is automatically the leader after the general manager of the company because he coordinates all activities and has managerial skills to his credit. His role is not the least or even unavoidable, he has the most important decision-making power to consider for success in society. If there are such large positions and functions within companies, the appropriate measures must be taken. Indeed these measures will recognize the merit of these valiant soldiers. They will prove to them that being a financial manager is to hold the key to the success of the company in hand.

Reality in the market

The statistics produced have shown, on the one hand, a high level of dissatisfaction with these positions in the company. Over 50% of finance managers have deliberately claimed that their effort is virtually neglected by their line manager.

Initially, this dissatisfaction is justified by the light consideration of the tasks assigned to the financial manager by the hierarchy. In fact, the employer does not measure the scope of the mission that he entrusts to his financial manager and imposes a minimal deadline for an impeccable result. He must therefore accomplish these high-level strategic tasks alone and under regulatory constraints in addition.

In a second point, it should be noted the reluctance on the career propulsion of the financial manager by the employer. Perhaps this is a bad initiative in the career promotion offer rather than a reluctance to take action.

In all cases, it is 70% that a financial manager occupying the position of financial director within a company will affirm that his greatest promotion is limited to the general management of the company. However, a professional career is much broader than stopping at a position of general manager in the same sector and on the same dimension of activities. Note that here we are referring to large companies with many branches around the world.

On the other hand, these statistics reveal that the few financial managers affirming the satisfaction of the job and that the merit gave them in recognition of their effort. Thus, they are considered as real business associates in a win-win partnership. Some, half of the sample satisfied, go so far as to say that they are involved in major corporate projects, no doubt including the making of major organizational decisions.

Reasons why your finance manager needs to be pampered

Giving comfort, attention, consideration, and merit of the work of the financial manager is to enrich oneself because it is an economic lever for the company. Since many strategic decisions are made through a thorough and reliable analysis of risk-taking and activities, it is to be cherished. To do this you must:

Authorize the financial manager to give his opinion on the company’s decision-making

Show the financial manager that without him there is no productivity of activities Invest in their professional training for sizeable competitiveness.

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Whatever the status of your business, it is difficult to do without the service of a financier. Indeed, the law obliges you to comply with social and fiscal obligations. So what can you do to successfully recruit an accountant? In this guide, find all the steps to follow to complete this mission!

What is the point of recruiting an accountant?

Keeping accounts is a challenge on a daily basis. When you are unfamiliar with it, you can easily make mistakes. The result? We end up with a financial balance sheet riddled with errors. Although some software can facilitate calculations, they have some significant limitations. Indeed, it is essential to master the regulations and standards in order to perform all accounting tasks to perfection.

Recruiting an accountant: how to attract interesting profiles?

Finding a good accountant is no easy task. In France, this professional is in great demand. Therefore, it is necessary to “outbid” in order to attract qualified and experienced candidates. You should keep in mind that carrying out accounting tasks is a complex task. It not only requires expertise but also an investment of time. It is not uncommon for an accountant to have to spend several extra hours in the office in order to complete a financial statement. Faced with the constraints related to his function, an accountant necessarily expects to receive a more motivating salary. In addition to the financial aspect, it is also essential to provide a better working environment for your accountant. This point is undoubtedly a source of motivation. Know that by offering benefits, you also increase your chance of attracting more applications. This gives you more leeway when recruiting an accountant.

Writing the job offer

In order to avoid being confronted with bad recruitment, it all starts with the development of a job offer. For this step, it is necessary to respect some basic rules, namely, the precision of the job title. To avoid any kind of ambiguity, it is essential to use a classic term. By opting for an original headline, you risk confusing your readers.

The second step is to highlight the job profile. This is important because the skills of an accountant are extremely varied. While some professionals are generalists, others have specific qualifications in audit or internal control. The recruitment of an accountant is a particularly more technical mission. Indeed, it implies an increased knowledge of the profession and of the requirements expected of the professional.



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