Why Should Students Learn the Humanities?

September 6, 2023

In today’s world, most academic programs emphasize the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subjects. In turn, tutoring and writing centers should help emphasize students’ need to study the humanities in college. College students must learn the humanities to enhance their critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and personal and social responsibility.

Critical Thinking

One reason why students in college need to learn the humanities is that they sharpen critical thinking skills in higher education. Since most subjects in the humanities field require the analysis and interpretation of information, they encourage students to think beyond logic until they arrive at a feasible inference. In turn, an application essay writing service can help students with their humanities subjects and their writing assignments. As a result, improving the student’s ability to reason within and outside the classroom environment will lead to positive results.


College students need to learn the humanities because these subjects help them to communicate better with their tutors, peers, and others. Since the humanities help students understand people better, including their verbal and non-verbal cues, they make it easy for those learning them to express themselves. The humanities show people how to create a rapport with others. In writing and tutoring centers, language is an important part of the curriculum, and emphasizing the importance of the humanities could make students better communicators.


Since the humanities are social sciences, they emphasize the need for people within a particular setting to come together and collaborate on tasks. In this case, many tutoring and writing centers emphasize the need for teamwork between tutors and students and between fellow students so that they can shape their studies and themselves in the workplace. Teamwork is an important skill to exercise in any professional environment.

Personal Responsibility

Learning the humanities in college helps students understand how their actions affect their environment and others while taking responsibility and making better choices. For instance, the humanities make learners aware of how their attitudes and perceptions toward various aspects of life affect their quality of life. Students who do not consider the consequences of their actions are more likely to get in trouble for their callousness. In turn, people who learn the humanities take responsibility for their actions.

Social Responsibility

Beyond personal responsibility, learning the humanities creates a shared sense of social responsibility that makes college students better at determining what is best for society. Once they have determined what is best for society, they can take the necessary action to safeguard its wellbeing. Since writing and tutoring centers emphasize the need for collectively solving problems, they should emphasize that their students learn the humanities. In this way, they can further cement the uptake of social responsibility in their students.

Ultimately, learning humanities benefits college students since it allows them to enhance their application of critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and personal and social responsibility. Therefore, educational institutions should emphasize the importance of these subjects in college. This learning will make these students better adapted to today’s world.


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