Why Hughes Marino’s Core Values Are More Important Now Than Ever Before

May 12, 2022

Hughes Marino has always been a company ahead of its time, especially when it comes to its corporate culture. The leading tenant representation firm, headquartered in San Diego and with offices throughout California, Seattle, and Denver has won awards and even acts as an adviser to other companies seeking to enrich its team’s principles.

When it comes to the current job market, the Labor Department reports there are still more job openings than people seeking to fill them. For companies across America, it’s never been more fundamental to have solid standards in place to attract and retain top talent.

Hughes Marino’s team crafted its core values in the company’s second year in operation and it continues to be the moral compass on which all of Hughes Marino’s business dealings are based.

Hughes Marino COO, owner, and President Shay Hughes played a significant role in bringing the company’s core values to fruition. She continues to uphold those values by leading by example.

Shay Hughes said in a company newsletter that she and Jason developed the ideals by collaborating with all team members. “Our core values are truly a driving force behind everything,” Hughes says. “They guide our interactions with our clients, they shape our brand, and they create an atmosphere where we truly enjoy working with each other and spending time together.”

Hughes was initially surprised to discover so many of the team members held the same values.

“Our core values started as a reflection of who we were then, and they now stand as a guiding force of where we are headed. We are revolutionizing our industry,” Hughes says. “We couldn’t be more proud of the original team that helped us formulate these core values and we’re so grateful to the amazing teammates, clients, and communities that have since joined us in embracing our core values.”

The firm has offered its team prizes for coming up with creative interpretations of the core values. “Defining our company’s core values really crystalized what we stood for,” Hughes said in a video discussing core values on hughesmarino.com. “We had no idea identifying those values would become so formative to the growth and development of our team and the company’s future success.”

  1. Always do the right thing. Hughes Marino’s team is rooted in providing its clients with premium service and operating with integrity. Its management says it’s a company dedicated to championing the underdog.
  2. Deliver excellence in everything we do. The details matter to those at Hughes Marino and it shows. Take a look at any of its corporate offices and it’s easy to see the attention to making each space a customized vehicle for delivering top-notch service to clients.
  3. Enjoy the journey. For the Hughes Marino team, getting there is half the fun. An “Enjoy the Journey” neon sign graces the company’s San Diego headquarters as a reminder to stop and appreciate the ride.
  4. Embrace the family spirit. Hughes Marino is all about putting family first and has invited team members and their families to ballgames and other events. Personal home photos of team members and their families can be found on the walls of Hughes Marino’s offices as a reminder that important work is being done inside the office to help contribute to families at home.
  5. Build lasting relationships based on trust. Honesty and transparency are key Hughes Marino mantras. The company just celebrated its 11th anniversary and relationships are still everything to the brand.
  6. Nurture your personal and professional life. Hughes Marino’s leaders understand the importance of working hard and playing hard. Recharging is always a must for team members so they can return to work refreshed and ready to go.
  7. Pursue growth and learning. The mindset of an ongoing pursuit for greatness is another facet that sets Hughes Marino apart from its competitors. Hughes Marino’s leaders always invite motivational speakers and business coaches to speak at its retreats to amp up the team.
  8. Generously give to others. Hughes Marino encourages its team members to give back to the local community by getting involved in meaningful community-building activities.
  9. Proactively communicate with everyone. Communication is a big part of the strategy that puts this commercial property firm in a league of its own, according to Hughes Marino management. Even throughout the pandemic, its team stayed connected with each other and clients through video calls and continual updates. While businesses around the world came to a stop, this company flourished and continued to ramp up communication, and maintained a level of confidence in team members as well as clients.
  10. Be authentic, grateful, and humble. At this San Diego-based company, success is never taken for granted and neither is the hard work of its team members or the loyalty of its clientele. This team of tenant representation experts aims to be the hardest workers in the room, and staying grounded is part of that strategy.


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