Why do we need water purifiers and are they effective?

October 28, 2021

Water purifiers have played an important part in improving public health involving water. The water purification systems are for domestic use and the purpose of these purifiers is to eliminate unwanted particles out of the water and filter essential materials.

Statistics state that there are about 1 lakh people who die in India due to waterborne diseases and 70 million people are at risk due to excess fluoride in the water. There are 98,000 children suffering from diseases like diarrhea and other waterborne diseases each year. Therefore, you need a water purifier at your house.

Water Adulteration- An issue that should be substantial

Water contamination is a serious issue in India as there are over 70% of households in India deal with the effects of water contamination. There are increased levels of hardness, chlorides and nitrates are responsible for water contamination.

Statistics have shown 53% of people use water purifiers, 17% of households use boiled water, and 14% use packaged water. There are many types of water filters available which include reverse osmosis, water ionizers, and distillation systems. These systems filter chemicals and are systems that might remove required fluoride contents.

Each of these water filtration systems has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are filters that absorb the contaminants and remove chlorination by-products. There are many types of filtration processes that remove cleaning solvents and pesticides. These kinds of models are efficient in treating metals such as lead and copper and are not effective against treating nitrates, bacteria, or dissolved minerals.

The other kind of treatment devices is the ones that are often known as water softener units. These treatment devices remove minerals particularly calcium and magnesium which are considered to be water hardening minerals. These devices remove fluoride as well. The limitation to these devices is that if the water that is being treated has oxidized iron or bacteria, the ion exchange resin will be clogged which would lead to the loosening of the softening ability.

There is another water filtration system which is known as the alkaline water ionizer. These machines use ion charges in order to purify the water. This type of machine is primarily used in home applications, and it is used for raising the PH levels of the water. This is done by a method known as electrolysis and it separates the incoming water based on the nature of the water. The nature of the water is acidic and alkaline. These machines are beneficial as they improve the taste of water, and improve health qualities. These machines help in the improvement of the pH levels in the human body as it is adjusted according to the body needs of the person. Alkaline machines have high levels of natural antioxidants and have many health benefits. Ionized water is more absorbable in comparison to normal water. Alkaline water has been considered to be superior quality water than any filtered water.

There is another kind of water purification system which is accessible and known to be the reverse osmosis unit. These units are good as they remove nitrates, sodium, and other inorganic and organic components mixed in the water. The system removes other bad components of the water which are known as foul tastes, smells, or color. These systems are also suitable as they remove pesticides, dioxins, chloroform, and petrochemicals. There are a few disadvantages to the system as they may not remove all the inorganic and organic components.

Water purifiers are machines that may not be 100% effective in order to purify the water. There are many options available in the market regarding the filtration of the water. There are a few things before one buys water purifiers. There are many types of water purifiers and each purifier has different technology and system installed in it. This is the reason which makes these purifiers are not 100% effective. As mentioned above there are many filtration systems available, each filtration system removes a lot of contaminations and may leave a few.

The water purifiers help decrease the chances of diseases caused by water contamination. As these water purifiers are machines, they require regular maintenance which involves the filter cartridge changing, etc. This is required to ensure the proper functioning and reduce the chances of illness caused by a defective machine.


As there are many diseases that are waterborne, it is important to understand that these diseases are mainly caused by contamination and many minerals which make the water hard. The water purifiers are made in order to remove as much contamination as possible.


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