Why Are Online Casinos So Popular Among Poles?

January 14, 2022

Gambling has been in existence as far as written history can record. Through the advent of the internet, it has expanded to include online modes. Online casinos may be popular worldwide, but no one loves them like the Poles.

Online casinos have become an independent industry of their own, inspiring the rise of publication and information sites such as TopKasynoOnline. To help novice and expert players in navigating the world of online gambling by providing relevant information, the site collates everything – from an updated list of online casinos to specifics on payment methods used to deposit money.

Whether online or on-site, casinos remain one of the most effective tourist attractions today. Led by Milan Rabszski, this project gained prominence and is of importance not only in Poland but also in other countries. With the help of his editorial staff, TopKasynoOnline explores gambling and online casinos in Great Britain, the USA, France, Belgium, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, and the Netherlands, to name a few. They aim to improve the engagement and enjoyment of players globally, which they achieve through knowing as much as possible about the experience. They ask players about their experiences, test the games, and contact the online casino owners themselves.

To share their knowledge of online casinos with the top ten experts in various countries, they went to the posh café, Riviera, in Ottawa, where the conference was held. In the eyes of this Polish expert, online gambling in Canada is more of a gray area.

“In Poland, the options are very limited. Our players can only choose from government-licensed online casinos.” Mr. Rabszski said as he described what it’s like for Polish players. But it’s not all gloomy. Milan proves that online casinos in Poland are a different experience on their own. The discussion that occurred is summarized below:

The Current Gambling Situation in Poland

Poland is certainly a booming hub for online gambling, with the industry seen to experience a compounded growth of 12.5% from 2016 to 2026. This is due to regulations that make it hard to access off-shore online casinos if you’re in Poland.

Milan Rabszski talked about how only joint-stocked and limited liability companies with offices in Poland can operate. Each of them has to undergo a licensing procedure which involves submitting an application that explains the rules of the game, how the participants are protected from interference, and documentation on the casino’s website, to name a few procedures. This invited a question from a curious England-based expert, “Is the gambling license hard to acquire?”

As Mr. Rabszski answered, there is no guide available within the Gambling Law enacted in 2017. Any entity that wishes to be granted a license to operate is left to figure everything independently. Meanwhile, other countries have specific laws that make the process more transparent.

Getting the Casino Experience, Polish Style

Like anywhere else in the world, slot machines are extremely popular in Poland. There is no learning curve involved, allowing even the most inexperienced player to try their luck. Other popular games include roulette, blackjack, and keno.

“I guess the entire world likes the same games!” Milan Rabszski quipped. “What we all have to remember is that the majority of the players aren’t experts at all. Most of them, including Poles, are just trying online casinos out. That’s why the easier games are preferred.”

But it’s not only through a computer that Poles enjoy their favorite casino games. Using downloaded mobile apps, they can take the experience anywhere. The goal of online casino owners is to take the experience from a webpage to a compact app. According to Rabszski, everything that you can do on a computer, you can do on an app as well. This includes accessing free games and depositing or withdrawing money.

To entice players to choose their casino, certain bonuses are made available to Poles. The welcome bonus comes in the form of free play or free money. They may also be entitled to bonuses awarded once a certain amount is deposited to the online casino. To reward loyal customers, Poles can also receive loyalty cash bonuses. These are the most common types. However, what would be offered would depend on the online casino.

Winning Big, It’s Possible!

“Do you know what the best thing about Polish online casinos is? No minimum deposit!” Milan Rabszski announced. It’s also very easy to find one where the minimum is anywhere from 1 PLN, 5 PLN, 10 PLN, or 20 PLN. But he also noted how depositing the minimum can be counterintuitive if the player wants to up the stakes. Polish players may deposit and withdraw their money in Polish Zloty (topkasynoonline.com/kasyno-online-pln) or cryptocurrency.

Milan also talked about the most common payment methods in Poland. At the top of the list are debit cards because they are widely accepted in the online gambling industry. Electronic wallets are also a preferred choice because of their convenience. More importantly, they allow players to separate their gambling budget from the rest of their savings. Cryptocurrencies are also gaining popularity due to the privacy and security they afford users.

Just like the Belgian player who bagged nearly 20 million euros, massive winnings have also been reported in Polish online casinos. But Milan noted that because the winners want to maintain their privacy, it’s very rare that there would be a big announcement over it.

“With a little bit of luck, anything is possible. Despite the current limitations on access to online casinos, Poles still have a lot to choose from.” Milan Rabszski noted this at the end of his presentation. Polish gamblers can choose from the best online casinos in Poland with TopKasynoOnline. For information on how to gamble online, readers are advised to follow Milan Rabszski on his social media accounts.

Note: Because of the existing regulations of online gambling in Poland, we’d like to emphasize that everything mentioned above is for informational purposes only and is meant for foreigners outside of Poland.


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