Why are Countries like El Salvador Granting Legal Status to Bitcoins?

February 21, 2022

If you’re still wondering why El Salvador is not only granting legal status to bitcoins but has taken it one step further by encouraging the government to invest in bitcoin, then this post is for you. We’ll go into more detail about what’s happening there and what that means for cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide. Now multiple countries are taking steps to accept bitcoin as legal tender, Canada being one of them. It’s worth getting up to speed on this topic if you want to know what the future of money might look like. The idea is that all countries will eventually have a single currency (like Bitcoin). It is already happening in El Salvador.

Crypto Trend In El Salvador

The Central Bank of El Salvador (CBE) has issued a first-of-its-kind ruling on virtual currencies and bitcoin by formally declaring their legal currency. The ruling, which came into effect in late 2021, states that virtual currency must be viewed as a financial asset and shall have the same legal status as any other monetary instrument for taxation purposes. Therefore, it will not be subject to import or export controls or prohibitions held locally or abroad. It’s important to note that the Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador encourages government agencies to invest in this revolutionary digital currency. This will likely drive forward bitcoin adoption in the country and help businesses tap into this new market opportunity.

Is Bitcoin The Future Of Payment Network?

Touted as a global currency, bitcoin could potentially cause disruptions to the traditional remittance market, especially for people in countries like El Salvador, who are struggling to send money to friends and relatives at home. The transaction costs for remittances using bitcoin are substantially lower than most international wire services. It is also faster than traditional money transfers. You can check more at bitvestment.

  • Tax-Free – The use of bitcoin in El Salvador is legitimate according to the Central Bank’s statement in 2022, which included virtual currencies under the list of monetary instruments. Any gain or loss arising from the purchase and sale of bitcoins are considered capital gains or losses, respectively.
  • Secure Transactions – As bitcoins are stored in digital wallets, which act like bank accounts and can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the internet, they can be used for payments and transfers anytime, anywhere.
  • Ease Of Transaction – Various vendors across the world accept Bitcoins. There is no need to convert bitcoins into local currency because they are accepted. This makes buying and selling products easy as users do not need to use local currencies to purchase or pay for a commodity.

There are also no import or export restrictions on bitcoins, and as such, they are not subject to import or export taxes. This means that bitcoin is considered a legitimate currency to investors and users who wish to invest in bitcoins.

Why Is Bitcoin Getting Attention From Governments?

El Salvador has been an international financial hub for several years now. After the demise of its textile industry, El Salvador switched its focus on the automobile export business. As a result, the country is known for exporting cars to various countries worldwide. With global pandemics going across the world and the market value of fiat currencies going down, Bitcoin has emerged as a better alternative in recent years. The shift toward financial services and a knowledge-based economy has helped establish El Salvador as a regional financial centre and give it more weight on the international stage.

Safe Payments Resolutions For A Country With Crypto

The bitcoin network is peer-to-peer in which all transactions carried out through the internet are registered and verified through a central authority called a blockchain. El Salvador has long suffered from political instability, crime, and corruption. Therefore, the use of cryptocurrency in El Salvador would greatly benefit it because it will help eradicate corruption while making money transfer easy and fast at low costs.

The benefits of legal status will be a game-changer for Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador. We expect the CBE’s ruling to encourage government agencies to invest in bitcoin. This, in turn, would drive forward bitcoin adoption in the country and help businesses tap into this new market opportunity.



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