Who Blocked Me On Instagram? [Real Tricks to Check]

August 18

Instagram is a very popular social media application where you can share your pictures and videos with your near and dear ones. However, you can also choose not to share things with someone by blocking them. But then, you should also remember that even you might have to search who blocked me on Instagram some days later. It’s quite possible!

Who knows you get blocked by someone special, by someone you admire or by someone you have a past with!!! Well, in many cases you can simply open their profile. If the profile is there, you are not blocked by them but what if it isn’t?

Also, how to find a list of all people who blocked you on insta? Is it possible to actually know “who blocked me on instagram”? This article is an answer to all such questions. 

Why should you look for Who Blocked Me On Instagram?

Take a scenario as this. There would have been a time when you wanted to check on of your friends or someone’s profile, you search for them and you cant find their profile anywhere you tried all sorts of special characters thinking you might be missing something, you go through your following list and yet you are unsuccessful in finding that person.

This can only infer two things. First is that the user might have deleted his/her Instagram account permanently and the second thing is that they have blocked you. Therefore, in this article we have discussed different methods using which you will get an answer to your question, that is who blocked me on Instagram.

Methods to Check Who Blocked Me on Instagram

It is very much obvious that you will never receive any notification or message or even a push notification to know who has blocked you. Also, there is not a single direct method to get an answer to an important question that is, who blocked me on Instagram. This question is becoming highly popular as the people are using the block button too frequently for the reasons only they can tell about. Therefore, in order to prevent you from asking this question in future, we have the following methods as solutions:

1. Use StatusBrew Application

StatusBrew is an application which helps you to have a control over many social media applications, including Instagram. You can also keep a track of the people who have blocked you or even unfollowed you on Instagram.

To find such people, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Instagram account, after installing StatusBrew.
  2. Check your Instagram account now. You Instagram account will be synced instantly with StatusBrew when you login for the first time.
  3. When your Instagram account is loaded, click on the tab showing “new followers” on the left side.
  4. This list contains the information of all the people who have unfollowed you and also the people who are not following you.
  5. It is important to know that as per the policy of Instagram, a person who blocks you on Instagram automatically unfollows you. Therefore, you need to head over to your Instagram app and check for the names of people who have unfollowed you from the list.
  6. If you can’t find the profile of those people, it means that they have blocked you.

So this is one of the methods to know who blocked you on Instagram and it is pretty easy. All you need to do is to download this application and follow the steps and you will come to know about that. But, this app is a paid app and you will need to pay $20 to access the premium features.

2. Manual way

This is another efficient and effective way to know about the people who blocked you on Instagram.

In fact, this is the first method you should use if you want an answer to who blocked me on Instagram. All you need to do is to try to follow the person who you doubt to have blocked you. If that person is known to you and you used to follow that person, you just need to check if there appears a red flag on their profile. That red flag indicates that you need to follow that person once again. If things are same till this point, click on the “follow” tab. If it does not proceed, then you’re blocked. This will confirm your doubt if the person has blocked you on Instagram or not. This is also a useful method if you want to check only some specific contacts.

3. Cheat Method

The above method is one of the easiest and useful methods to know who blocked you on Instagram but this method can only be implemented for a small number of people and not for large number of blockers.  

Therefore, it is very important to use a simple trick and you can get to know the correct answer to your question, who blocked me on Instagram.

All you need to do is to create a new account on Instagram and try to follow the suspected person. If you get your follow request approved, you can then have a look at the list of all accounts that your suspect follows. Try finding yourself!!!

Now you can either lament on this or can simply move on – the choice is yours.

Does Block Checking Apps Work?

Avoid using any app that says it will tell you who blocked you on insta. Most of these apps are useless and will not give any accurate data until and unless you keep them installed/synced with your account.

These apps collect data from the day you install and sync them. The older data cannot be collected from such apps and therefore avoid using any such apps.


These are some of the best methods by which you can know if any of your friends or contacts has blocked you on Instagram. It is important to note that these methods work not only for Instagram but also for other social media applications. Therefore, if have a question similar to who blocked me on Instagram, or Facebook or Twitter or Snapchat or anything else, use the methods discussed above.


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