Which Betting Tools to Focus On While Using an Android Betting App

May 3, 2023

If you know anything about online gambling, you are probably aware that many of the top-tier sports betting websites and casinos provide all sorts of betting tools, even though some people do not use them because they don’t know how others are more than happy when they have the chance to test them.

Not all features are available on mobile devices, but those who obtain the betonline ag android app will notice that this brand provides more than the rest. Luckily, there is no need to use the features within the app itself if you do not want to because tons of online sources will allow you to try them out.

Some betting tools are definitely better than others and allow you to have a way better overall experience. With that said, let’s learn more about them and see what makes those things so special.

Surebet calculator

Starting with the first tool that has all sorts of fans, we have the surebet calculator. The reason why so many sports bettors like those things is because the “surebets” are very popular among mobile users. Bookies often use this term to describe bets where it is highly to predict the final outcome.

Not all sports betting applications offer this feature, but the companies that provide it will allow players to enter specific data that will help them see what they need to do to win. Interestingly, most people using the surebet calculator are also interested in arbitrage betting, which requires them to use several online bookies to place the best bets.

Before using a specific surebet calculator, you must choose several important data. The first one is your market type, which can be 2wat or 3way, at least in most cases. After that, the next step is to select the preferred odds format. Most sports bettors in Europe choose Decimal, but punters in other parts of the world can go for Fractional or American.

Once you enter those things, the next step is choosing the odds for each option, followed by your stake. Once the calculator does its magic, you will see the likelihood of winning, as well as your potential profit.

Odds converter

Even though the so-called surebets and arbitrage betting are very popular, not all sports bettors who use an Android betting app want to try those things. However, tons of online sports bettors use bookies where they can’t change the odds. That’s why they need a special tool that will allow them to convert the odds.

As you can probably guess, people have come up with such a tool, and it is called an odds converter. Despite the fact that most of the top-tier Android sports betting applications should have this option, there are stand-alone platforms that will allow you to convert your odds, so you will always have access to this option.

There are different kinds of odds formats, and we’ve mentioned some of them above. However, you can find mobile apps of bookies that operate worldwide, which is why there are tons of other formats to pick from, including Hong Kong, Malay, Thai, and so on.

Once you decide to use the odds converter on the go, you have to go to it, enter the odds, and choose the format you want to convert from. Once ready, the tool will show you the odds in the other formats and even give you a probability chance. The latter is based on a specific algorithm used by most online bookmakers.

Martingale Calculator

Experience sports betting fans often look for something new and different they haven’t had the chance to use yet. Consequently, some of them are interested in the so-called martingale betting system, where they increase their chances of winning. Besides those that bet on desktop devices, mobile punters are also interested in this thing, so they often need a calculator to help them.

If you are unfamiliar with the Martingale betting system, the latter is more than 300 years old, requiring players to double their bets when losing until they win. Depending on the market and the event that punters bet on, they should be able to win all of the money they’ve lost and even get a small profit.

Even though this betting strategy is attractive, and people can use it while betting on mobile devices, it has flaws. For example, players need to have a large budget because their bet size can increase drastically in no time. Usually, gamblers use more online in online casinos, but some people do that while wagering on sports.

As for the Martingale calculator, this tool will show you exactly how much money you have to use on your subsequent bets, depending on how much you start with. Many sports bettors won’t need to use this betting tool because it is fairly simple, but some people want to see whether their calculations are right.

Margin Calculator

The last but probably one of the most important sports betting tools that people need to check before they start wagering is the margin calculator. This is an option that punters should use before they download and install a given bookie’s gambling app. If you decide to test it, you can see the margin of a given iGaming operator, which means you can decide if it is worth trying.

There are different kinds of margin calculators, but the classic one allows players to select their market type, followed by the odds format. After that, they need to provide the odds for the 1×2 market, which are often called “Home”, “ Draw”, and “Away.” Once that’s taken care of, the tool itself will show you the potential payout, as well as the margin used by the gambling website.

Speaking of margins, most bookies want to make as much money as possible, so they have a higher margin. However, others are more interested in keeping their customs happy, so they provide better odds.

Other options

Even though the betting tools mentioned above stand out, they are just some things people will have access to. Another standard tool that many mobile gamblers are interested in is the Asian Handicap calculator. As its name suggests, people use it when they decide to place an Asian Handicap bet, which is typical because those markets are known for their good odds.


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