Whatsapp Vs Signal: A Detailed Comparison Of Features And Privacy

July 1, 2020

WhatsApp is an application that provides you the feature to message a particular user. It doesn’t work on a Network basis but it works on an Internet basis. Lately, WhatsApp has been the most popular social networking site in the world. Recently it has been Owned by Facebook, Inc. it provides various features that users enjoy. This application is based on the extensible messaging and presence protocol as it uses the extensible markup language known as the XML language. you can also know if the user is online or not.

It provides instant messaging for those who can’t afford unlimited text messages. WhatsApp was founded by two Ex-Yahoo workers named Brian Acton and Jan Koum. It was first founded in the year 2009.

The signal is also a tech sharing app that has similar features like WhatsApp. it uses end to end encryption for sharing text images and videos. You only need the Internet to make a conversation with other users. It was first launched in the year 2000 10 by the whisper systems. You can also make it your default texting app.

Whatsapp Vs Signal Comparision

Which means it can provide unencrypted messages. But that doesn’t mean that it will only provide unencrypted messages. It provides end to end encryption for all messages, videos, and gifs.

It signs up a user on the basis of phone number verification. The provided phone number doesn’t need to be on the same device. You can operate the application without the phone number being on the same device.

Whatsapp Vs Signal

A Detailed Comparison Of Whatsapp Vs Signal (Security and Privacy)

Here is a step by step comparison between WhatsApp and Signal. Read them all and decide which one is the best.


The design of both applications is quite the same. WhatsApp has more of a green Color base to the application. You can set the chat background as you like. It also provides the dark theme you can switch it up to that theme whenever you want. It also provides the story feature which can be visible up to 24 hours.

Whereas the signal application has the purple team to the interface. It also provides the dark theme as well and you can switch it up to them as you want. You can send texts and messages right through the pin option. It also provides disappearing messaging. You can set the timer and after the timer is up the messages will delete. mostly the design is the same as WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp provides end to end encryption for all your messages. It also provides the feature of the story which is available to 24 hours. it can provide instant messaging whether high or low network connection. You can set the chat theme based on your liking. It provides free calling to other users and you can also group chat with more than one user. You can share your location exchange Contacts and create custom notifications. Also, you can mirror your Messenger to another device via the WhatsApp web.

Signal provides many features just like wats app like messages are delivered very quickly even on slow networks. There are no trackers or no advertisements in this application. No third-party application can track your data or chats. It also uses the phone number for logging you in. But you do not need to log in again and again as it is always logged in. It also provides a dark theme. You can choose a custom alert for every contact. You can also use inbuilt image editing features like adding text or emojis.


WhatsApp provides an end to end encrypted messages. Lately, WhatsApp has been Taken over by Facebook, Inc. The images on Facebook regarding security is not as good as it looks. Facebook can be very deceitful for handling data of the users. And as it is controlled by a third-party app it can also track down its user’s data. WhatsApp does provide end to end encrypted messages but in the matter of security Facebook pulled it a bit down. Also, it stores messages and backs up in cloud storage. That means the data is stored and can be misused. But WhatsApp does provide a fingerprint sensor lock before starting the application.

The signal is considered the most secure messaging application for the public. Many users have switched to signal for more security. Unlike WhatsApp, it doesn’t save any messages and has the feature to delete messages at a set timer. it also provides end to end encrypted messaging which means it doesn’t allow any tracker the look into your data. It is also not owned by any other company. But in the end, it doesn’t provide any fingerprint sensor lock or pin lock before starting the application.


Both apps are free for the public. It doesn’t charge any amount to provide any services. You can enjoy all the services free of cost in both the apps. both the apps are ad-free and you don’t need to give more money for more features. 


WhatsApp is available on All the platforms present in the globe. From Windows OS to Mac OS from Android to iPhone, it is present on every platform. This means that WhatsApp is pretty approachable and there are no limits for the OS that can’t handle WhatsApp. 

The signal is available on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The signal is also pretty available on most of the platforms. it is an open software that also makes it pretty approachable. 

Final words 

wats app is the most used application Right now. But after it is taken over by Facebook the security in this App is questionable. it has many features and is pretty popular right now but it has its cons. More people are using wats app right now this means you have to 1st ask other peoples to change their messaging app then You can use another app. 

Signal where is a very protected app and is gaining popularity slowly. People are slowly switching to the signal. because of the unremarkable security and privacy it provides, it is much more likely oh people replace WhatsApp with this application. But it has some features missing like it isn’t available on every operating system. But it has some features which are not there in WhatsApp, i.e., it automatically deletes messages after a certain period of time. As people are more into privacy and security than signal is best for them and if people do not care about their privacy or security they can still stick to WhatsApp. 


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