What you need to know about the iPhone12 series

October 15

Apple’s flagship for 2020 has finally unveiled. Whether if you are tech enthusiasts or looking for some trendy updates, here are some of the sneaks peek details that you need to know, like prices, availability, designs, and official release date.

Meet the iPhone12 series

The iPhone12 has introduced four models:

  • iPhone12 (6.1in)
  • iPhone12 Pro (6.1in)
  • iPhone12 Pro Max (6.7in)
  • iPhone12 mini (5.4 in)


The four models are out already. However, Apple will launch them into two separate groups for the main launch.

And here’s good news starting October 16, 2020, you can begin to pre-order for the iPhone12 and the iPhone 12 Pro models. These models will also be on sale by October 23, 2020. Meanwhile, expect a delay until November for the iPhone Pro Max and the iPhone mini models. They will be open for pre-order starting on November 6, 2020, and will be on sale the following week-November 13, 2020.


The prices of the iPhone12 depend on the model you’ll be getting, and whether you can find deals on Coupon Hunt or other similar sites.

 Here’s a list of their introductory price:

  • iPhone 12 mini: From £699/$699
  • iPhone 12: From £799/$799
  • iPhone 12 Pro: From £999/$999
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: From £1,099/$1,099


Expect a flatter and square edge shape design for the iPhone12 series. But there is more than that. Let’s talk about the two significant changes they have modified when it comes to aesthetics features.


You may enjoy choosing from these vast arrays of colors. You may enjoy your favorite color for the iPhone12 mini and the iPhone12 as they come in black, white, green, blue, and red. Meanwhile, the iPhone12 Pro and Pro max will be available in silver, graphite, gold, and the all-new pacific blue color.

The Ceramic Shield

The real question here is, what makes ceramic shield stands out compared to regular glass? It is made up of nano-ceramic crystal that forms in the glass to improve its toughness. Also, it makes the glass component on the display of the iPhone12 sturdier than previous iPhone generations. It also gives 4x better drop protection.


Apple boasts its latest feature when it comes to 5G band coverage. We all know the benefits of having a 5G. It’s way faster and has a greater bandwidth compared to 4G LTE. It will enable more immediate download and upload, a better experience of live streaming, and more. But again, the 5G connection still depends on your cell provider and your location.


A promising feature of the new iPhone12 is a LiDAR scanner that gives an endless photographic possibility to its user. You may enjoy faster autofocus in a low light scene and Night mode portraits. It also added night-mode time-lapse photography, the latest version of HDR3.


Apple won’t be including a charger if you buy the new iPhone12 series. You’ll only get a USB-C to lightning cable and no charging port inside the box. But you can charge your phone in an all-new way, and that s with Magsafe.

MagSafe uses magnets for more effortless charging. It works by placing the charger on the back of the iPhone12. MagSafe offers 15W of power.

iPhone12 Outlook

Apple has made plenty of enhancements to the iPhone12 series to tempt users. The ceramic shield display, the new colors, 5G connection, added features on cameras, and the mini version will make us all swoon.


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