What to Expect from Your First Live Casino Experience?

April 23, 2022

While brick-and-mortar casinos globally provide an immersive, high-quality experience, players can also get similar or better experiences remotely from anywhere globally, thanks to advances in technology. And although online casinos have been existing for decades now, they have only recently gone mainstream.

The increasing popularity of live casino online services has made it a de facto choice for many regular casino game players. Providers like Unibet, which offer their casino games online, are trying to provide platforms that are as user-friendly as possible. However, the dynamic is different for new players, who may struggle to navigate the world of online casinos. This article is a walkthrough of what to expect from your entrance into the world of live casinos, including the basics of online casinos.

Brief Overview of Online Casinos

Even though the first online casinos started featuring casino games in the 90s, it wasn’t too long ago that live casino games entered the fray. The first live casino game with an in-house dealer was a game-changer. It introduced a new way of playing casino games on an online platform, complete with the ambiance and immersion of a physical casino.

Human croupiers entered the fray as time passed, further reshaping the live casino space. Currently, you can be in bed playing a live casino game at 2 a.m., with a live croupier dealing you poker hands. This factor, and other ones, contribute to the popularity and demand for live casino games today. Besides, mammoth game developers like Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming focused on churning out high-quality live casino games.

Basic Expectations of Live Casinos

Here are some things you can expect when playing live casinos online:

Social Interaction

One of the main features of physical casinos is the socialization that it creates between players, from interacting with one another to indulging croupiers, among other things. Although it makes sense to think that online casinos will be lacking in this aspect, that isn’t the case. Instead, the live chat button allows for social interaction between players and dealers and players and players. With this feature, you can exchange tips, catch up, and comment on the game’s progress.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile devices are easily the most compact but capable systems we have right now. Only a few internet-based activities are unavailable on mobile, and online casinos aren’t a part of this exception. Albeit, the casino experience on your smartphone is tied to other complementary factors, including regular updating of phone firmware and apps and a reliable internet connection.


No one would blame you for showing skepticism when playing online. The virtual nature of the platform makes it seem like the house has the most significant edge. But that’s not the case. Online casinos require licenses to operate, similar to their physical counterparts. So, they are also regulated by the stipulated agencies in a region.

Additionally, online casinos rely on game developers, who are also licensed and regulated by appropriate bodies. Both parties are subjected to regular audits from reputable institutions to keep these licenses. As such, it’s in the casinos’ best interest to run a transparent platform.


The dealers or croupiers at live casinos are professionals who help curate the feeling of playing in a traditional casino. As such, players are introduced to every casino game’s flow and rhythm. Live casinos also tend to go slower than regular online casino games, allowing for incorporating in-game strategies to improve the feel of authenticity.


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