What to do when you leave your comfort zone

July 29, 2022

Emotional pain can literally destroy a person’s stability, decisively affecting even the most insignificant actions of one’s daily life. Those who have been forced into this kind of situation over the last two years, in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic, have suffered doubly, as the emotional pain has been coupled with a terrible jolt caused by the restrictions and the more nefarious consequences of Covid-19, which have left deep (and sometimes traumatic) marks on millions of people worldwide. The worst situation, from this point of view, is the one that leads to the endurance of a pain that has manifested itself suddenly, almost completely unexpectedly, leaving the person in the grip of such oppression and anguish that it brings about a substantial change in his or her daily rhythms. One feels drained, humiliated, and abandoned by everyone as if one were alone in the world. It is the effect experienced by those who step out of their comfort zone for the first time, out of that magical, enchanted world they had painstakingly put together, piece by piece, during long years of patient labour, and which suddenly, with the speed of lightning, seems to vanish completely and utterly, with the silent promise that it will never return. The effects are equally devastating, though slightly more muted, for those who sense the approaching storm and try to prepare themselves in advance, sometimes even managing to parry the blow and recover immediately, as if it were a mere passing drubbing.

Quick solutions

In both cases, the person who finds himself confronted with this distressing condition will have to make an immediate effort to find a solution, an alternative, to rebuild his own comfort zone from scratch, just as he did the first time. If he does not immediately manage to react, to show the world that he is still firmly on his feet, the risk of abandoning himself to despondency is really high and potentially a harbinger of even worse misfortunes. If you have lost someone you love, either through the end of a relationship or through their disappearance, you must not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by depression, thus allowing it to take control of your life. You will have to hold your nerve and constantly tell yourself that you are in charge, that control is in your hands and in no one else’s. The first step in this complex situation is to throw yourself without hesitation into new activities that keep you physically and mentally busy in a way that encourages a gradual elimination of the toxins associated with emotional negativity. You should never stop until the memory of your pain has lost most of the characteristics that made it come alive. Revolutionizing your daily routines, even with a drastic change in the places and people you used to frequent, can certainly help you to cope more effectively with your discharges of emotional pain.

A step into the future

In these complex moments, your reaction to grief will depend on all your subsequent happiness. Many people, at these junctures, take the opportunity to venture out to discover new experiences, new approaches to life, and finally find the courage to experience something exciting. It is no coincidence that many suffering people go on a trip, join a gym or even a dance class, throw themselves back into the fray and shout to the world, ‘I am still here. Sometimes it happens that in these troubled and complicated periods of their lives, people discover new passions that they will carry with them forever.

A playful approach to life can sometimes produce wonderful effects during these times of crisis. By starting to view life as a game, more lightly, people gradually dispose of their blocks of pain and suffering, eliminating them almost completely. By turning every activity in life into a game, lightness will begin to emerge spontaneously: this is possible at work, in relationships with others, but also in the activities that we enjoy most. For example, those who indulge in the excitement of online gambling have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a dreamlike and extremely pleasant dimension, a true balm for the soul. In addition to offering the chance to try out the games for free, the online casinos generally also offer the classic mode of play, with real money, which is also popular in Canadian real money casinos. The portal also offers numerous guides and useful tips to facilitate any player’s gaming experience, making it even smoother and more engaging. Moreover, the exclusive bonuses are always a great incentive to experience the thrills of this dazzling universe for the first time.

Depression and emotional pain can also be chased away and neutralized through extremely exciting activities, through the contrast between the negativity of pain and the positivity of everything we decide to experience, online or offline.


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