What Planfix Features Can You Use to Raise Your Productivity?

November 23, 2022

The best options for management are those that offer variability of use along with high-quality system functioning. But when you start looking for such a platform, it becomes clear that reliable tools with great versatility in different spheres and application diversities are rare. However, it is still possible to find such a task management system, and if you’re reading this article – you’ve found Planfix.

What is the Planfix tool?

The Planfix solution is meant to be a task management system. It has everything and provides the best conditions to perform as this tool, but except for this main goal, Planfix also serves related purposes. It is a multifunctional platform that allows you to manage not only tasks but also resources, communication with customers and partners, hold careful chronicles, and watch your projects develop progressively. 

Taken briefly, Planfix allows for task management and all the related. Moreover, related issues are developed the same well as the main functions – that’s why you can use the tool variously depending on your strategy and current necessity.

Why is it better to use Planfix for task management?

As you might have understood, Planfix offers wide opportunities for various activities. The developers suggested this to be possible as the main principles by which the platform functions are the following:

  • multiple applicability in various spheres – from coffee shops to great manufacturing enterprises;
  • availability for a variety of approaches – whatever business you run and whatever strategy you use, the system is adaptable to your needs;
  • ease of configuration – the main point that releases you from the necessity to use the programmers’ services to start using the platform.

Due to the intuitive system and complete universality, Planfix is the most appropriate tool regarding the speed of changes the world experiences. So whatever circumstances you have to encounter, the Planfix platform will be a supporting means, but not another problem to deal with.

Features for productive and considerate management

As the system provides ample room for use in various activities for all different purposes, it suggests many features be available. The main categories include the following ten options:

  • Management of projects. Controlling the timing, resources involved, people engaged, and communication channels available. You can use Planfix through any device, which makes it comfortable for all the parties of interaction to impact as required. 
  • Client relations and accounting. In terms of working with clients, you can feel absolute freedom as you have complete control of everything referring to your relationships. 
  • Real-time changing Gantt chart. This option works online, so your colleagues see it instantly as you modify the project settings, status, etc. It saves much time as the modifications and reviews are available on the go.
  • Task management. Broad opportunities for task setting and communicating allow all the participants to receive information timely and correspondingly to their roles in the tasks. The role assignment, information reporting, and visibility are adjustable for every participant to feel the maximum comfort.
  • Integrated communication channel through e-mailing. Every change that you have in your task or project is reflected in people’s e-mails in the form of notifications that are easy to set up and track. You can also use the integration for direct communication through e-mail without switching platforms.
  • Planner opportunities for more visible progress. The same comfortable as with task management, you can hold resource management and add corresponding modifications and assignments to the planner you set up by your preferences.
  • Event chronicle online. The same story as with the Gantt chart – every modification you have in the task comes to you in the form of notifications. You set up where these appear, what time and days are relevant, and what sorts of actions the platform should notify you about.
  • User reporting is as simple as possible. No matter what criteria in resource management you want to take into account, you can handle the setting with your own efforts.
  • Client communication. As you can keep in touch with the clients directly from the platform, there are also options to involve them in the working process if necessary. Thus, to facilitate explaining and retelling, you can just provide access to the account, set up the figures and task info that the client can see, and give him the relevant assignment capability. 
  • Cooperating through account linking. As you’re free to share access with your clients, you can use more advanced opportunities and interlink the accounts of several teams or companies. It is helpful to have shared access if you’re working on the project together, but there should be one account where all the main info is stored and modified. 

It seems to overload and not to be easy to handle, but when you start using the Planfix tool, everything appears not as complicated as it looks.

Pricing options for all sorts of customers

As there are so many options to offer, there are also different pricing options for diverse needs. On the Planfix website, you can find a detailed table telling about which features are included in which subscription plan. The core difference includes varieties of how often the price is billed and how many users are suggested to work. 

As happens with most business tools, Planfix provides four subscription options by the number of users. No charge is required if only 1 to 5 people use Planfix for task management. When it grows from six to 99, 250 or 1500 users are three chargeable plans. According to the billing period, Planfix offers four variations: you can pay once a month, a quarter, a half of the year, or a year. The larger period is, the more profitable the price per user per month is.

Regarding all the aspects mentioned above, it is really difficult to deny that Planfix is convenient for the modern requirements of business tools for task and project management. It provides decent variability, strong reliability, and enough simplicity – all that provides the best balance for comfort in work. Try all the features for free for a month to see what it is, and find your perfect match with Planfix.com!


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