What is Windows Core OS (Wcos)? Everything You Need To Know

December 20

Windows core OS is going to be the new operating system of Microsoft. This will be a single universal operating system for all kinds of Microsoft devices. HoloLens 2 and Surface Hub 2X have windows core OS operating system. The company hasn’t officially mentioned his plans. We cannot say when Microsoft’s official key releases core OS. In May 2019’s Build Developer Conference, the company hasn’t mentioned it.

This new Windows OS is powered by C-Shell. According to the sources, it is a completely new OS, not the Windows 10 update.

Some rumors said there are three versions of windows core OS which include “Santorini,” “Aruba,” and “Oasis.”

Features of the windows core OS

1. C-Shell

In simple words, you can say C-shell is a smooth converter. In windows core, the operating system seashell helps to convert tablet mode to laptop mode. Now you must be thinking that Windows 10 also changed laptop mode to tablet mode, So what’s new. Windows 10 does not give you a dedicated tablet interface but Microsoft’s Windows core OS gives you a dedicated tablet interface.

Let’s talk about another example of a C-shell. Suppose you are using a windows core OS gaming laptop and you want to open Xbox gaming then the C-shell converts your gaming laptop into Xbox you will get all the controls and functions of Xbox, the only thing that is different, which is using Xbox on a laptop.

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2. Faster Updates

Many windows users are waiting for a faster update system. Windows core OS operating system going to make it real. When you were updating Windows 10. it was taking too much time for installation. While installation you cannot use your system. It will use a completely different partition to install updates.

What is Windows Core OS (Wcos)
Windows Core OS (Wcos)

3. Shareable Component

The shareable component is one of the most important features of the windows core OS. If we will talk about Windows 10, all windows 10 applications are attached and from this, it is hard to bifurcate them or update them. To fix the issue, Google separated the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) on Android. Windows core OS going to do something like that. Microsoft removing all the components to make windows core OS a base.

With the help of this feature, Microsoft wants to create an operating system then he can create very easily with the base component. There is no need to do huge coding for making different types of operating systems for different devices. They can also add a win32 app supporter. It will enhance the windows ecosystem and as a result, it makes your laptop faster, it will increase your battery life. It will be as fast as Chrome OS.

4. App support

Now let’s talk about App Support. This new Windows OS won’t support Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Office Apps. But it is expected that Microsoft can include an extra segment for Win32 application simply like Linux on Chrome OS.

Why Microsoft created windows core OS?

Well, we don’t know why Microsoft designed this new OS but as we all know that Windows 10 is now old. Microsoft should bring something new which is portable, and interchangeable. According to the sources, the main reason for this new Windows OS is creating a single operating system for a different type of device, easy to convertible from one mode to another.

When will the Windows core OS release?

There is not any official announcement from the company but it will be available at the end of Christmas 2020 with the launch of Microsoft surface Neo.

The Bottom Line

We all are waiting for this new Windows OS. We all want something new and expecting completely different from this old WIndows environment. Let’s see what we get.

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