What Does KKONA Mean? How to Define the Slang KKona?

April 29, 2020

If you are on various gaming platforms or forums, then you might have come across the slang “KKONA” as the millennials like to call it. And you would be totally unaware of its meaning. But that’s not a problem because most of the people think hard to connect the dots but fail to understand the meaning and its origin. So today we are going to share KKONA meaning and little more information about this trending slang.

Apart from its original meaning KKONA, also have other possible meanings that you can understand easily with the help of some conversations. Also, check out some alternative slangs that will hep you relay with the conversation

What Does KKONA Mean?

You use the slang KKona, usually in response to the people who do something that is thought of as stereotypical American. Sometimes people use it as slang for those who are show hillbilly or redneck behaviour.

And for those who cannot relate with hillbilly and redneck, these two are also slangs that are used to describe rural white people from the Southern United States.

What is KKona Emote? How to Use It?

The KKona emote is basically a picture with Kona, the longtime Twitch streamer. You can get access to the golden emote, along with the BTTV extension. So let’s know more about the emote and its origin.

What is the Origin of KKONA?

The origin of the slang “KKona” took on a popular gaming platform called Twitch. The term is a trending Twitch emote that you use for individuals behaving in a redneckish behaviour. This KKONA emote is depicted by the picture of a previous Twitch streamer called Kona. It comes from the time when Justin.tv was prevalent.

Better Twitch TV aka BTTV is a browser extension that improves your gaming experience on Twitch. And one of the ways is the inclusion of many emotes from which you can choose. KKONA is the first Twitch emote from the BTTV extension. And so if you are a Twitch user with this extension you will see the term KKona on your screen. But if you don’t have this extension, then it will rarely pop-up on the screen, and you will have to install it so that you can use the mote.

Thought the exact date of emote addition is not known, but it is there from the time of BTTV extension.

Examples of KKona Use- Other Meanings

As of now, we don’t know any other meaning of the term “KKona.” It’s just a slang that originated on the Twitch platform amongst the gamers and is now used in general talks as well. Here is a sample conversation that will help you understand its use better.

Two Friends in a Conversation-

Friend 1: Hey I saw you at the hospital yesterday. Are you okay?

Friend 2: My brother dared me to become the bowling ball and knock down the garbage pins. And don’t ask it ended so badly that I broke my arm!

Friend 1: KKONA!

Another conversation between Facebook users-

User 1: Why would you post something so brainless?

User 2: Yeah I thought it would be fun.

User 1: You felt this was a good idea? You are such a KKona.

What are the Alternatives to KKONA?

Now that you know the meaning of KKona, here are a few terms and phrases that you can use. Just replace KKona with these, and your message will be conveyed with the same meaning. The words or phrases include:

  • Typical American
  • Redneck
  • Hillybilly

Wrapping Up

What do you think of this slang? Have you ever used this term before with a different meaning? Share it with us in the comment section.


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