What Are Tweezers? Know All Types

May 26

The tweezers are metallic instruments made up of two pieces with pressing ends separated by elasticity or due to a central joint.

They are one of the oldest and most popular hand tools that are not lacking in any home or workshop, its name comes from the use to which it is intended.

Generally, the basic functions of all these are: cutting, clamping / gripping, and twisting of pieces of different materials, metallic, and plastics; some perform one other two or even all three functions.

Types of tweezers

Tongs: They are used when it comes to fastening elements such as nails, screws, wires, objects of soft materials, etc., and pull to remove or cut them.

Carpenter’s Pliers: They have beveled edges to hold a nail without cutting it, they are used to extract nails and staples from any wooden surface.

During the extraction movement, the head serves as a lever against the wood, preventing it from sinking into the surface and causing damage.

Armor Pliers: Features sharper jaws used to cut wire, springs, nails, rivets, and bolts; its head is nearly flat and smaller, allowing it to cut close to the surface without sinking into it.

There are different types of them, according to their applications we are going to see some:

Combination pliers (electrician): They are the most used for their multiple functions, they combine clamping jaws with cutting edges designed to cut the wire and hard materials.

Adjustable articulated clamps (mechanical): Designed to hold small objects, such as wire and bolts, or larger objects depending on the width of the object to be clamped.

Parrot-beak pliers: These are multi-position articulated pliers with a more specific purpose, ideal for pipes, flat objects, nuts, bolts, etc.

Stripping pliers: Indispensable for every electrician, because they strip the cable when pressed from one end, to remove its insulating jacket and expose the conductor.

Pressure clamps: allow to hold firmly in such a way that when closing their clamps, they are fixed in an immovable way.

Titanium tweezers: They are used in the silicon chip industry because titanium tweezers do not emit particles like stainless steel tweezers. Microscopic particles represent damage, titanium may be better. Technik tweezers are very useful when using magnetic materials or under magnetic flux conditions. Titanium is a lightweight and very durable material.


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