What are the Differences Between Lipstick and Lip Gloss

April 23, 2023

When it comes to lip products, the two most popular options are lipstick and lip gloss. While both of these products can enhance your lips and add color, they have distinct differences that may make one more suitable for your needs than the other. This article will dive deep into the differences between lipstick and lip gloss, covering aspects like texture, finish, color intensity, longevity, and application. Let’s get started!

Dior Beauty’s Lip Collection: The Perfect Harmony of Lipstick and Lip Gloss

Dior Beauty offers a remarkable selection of both lipsticks and lip glosses, providing the ideal combination to achieve stunning lips. Lipstick, the classic choice for adding a pop of color and style, comes in a solid form and excels in delivering color, protection, and texture. Dior Beauty’s range features a plethora of shades and finishes to suit any mood, style, or occasion, such as the popular Addict Incredible Lipstick that boasts an array of vibrant colors and long-lasting wear. On the other hand, lip gloss, the ultimate shine enhancer, comes in liquid or semi-solid forms and is designed to give your lips a glossy finish. Dior Beauty’s lip glosses are available in various forms, like tubes with applicators, squeeze tubes, or pots. Wear lip gloss alone for a natural look or layer it over your favorite lipstick for added dimension and shine. Dior Beauty’s lipsticks and lip glosses create a harmonious and captivating lip experience.

Feeling the Texture: Comparing Lipstick and Lip Gloss


Lipsticks generally have a creamier, thicker texture compared to lip glosses. They come in different finishes, including matte, satin, and shimmer. Matte lipsticks give you that bold, shine-free color, while satin and shimmer lipsticks add a touch of sheen for a more subtle effect.

Lip Gloss

As for lip gloss, think of it as smooth and glossy! Lip glosses have a slick texture that adds a beautiful shine to your lips. Depending on the specific product, they can range from sheer and transparent to more pigmented. Some people might find the sticky or tacky feel of lip glosses a bit bothersome, but this texture can also help the product adhere to your lips and last longer.

Playing with Color: Comparing Intensity and Opacity


Lipsticks usually offer a more potent color payoff than lip glosses. Depending on the shade and finish, they can provide a bold, vibrant look or a more subtle, natural effect. Layering your lipstick can also help build up the color intensity for a more dramatic look.

Lip Gloss

Lip glosses, on the other hand, tend to be more sheer and translucent. They provide a subtle tint to your lips, perfect for those days when you want a more natural, low-key vibe. Some lip glosses do offer more pigmentation, but they typically don’t match the color intensity of lipsticks.

Longevity Showdown: Lipstick vs. Lip Gloss


Lipsticks, especially matte or long-wearing formulas, usually outlast lip glosses in terms of staying power. They can hold up for several hours without needing constant touch-ups. However, they can also be prone to smudging, transferring, or feathering – especially if they have a creamier texture. Pro tip: using a lip liner or lip primer can help increase the longevity of your lipstick.

Lip Gloss

Lip glosses, with their thinner texture, typically don’t last as long as lipsticks. You may need to reapply them more frequently, especially after eating or drinking. On the bright side, lip glosses are less likely to smudge or feather compared to lipsticks, and they can provide a more comfortable wear for those who find matte lipsticks too drying.

Mastering the Application: Tips for Lipstick and Lip Gloss


Lipsticks have the edge when it comes to precision. Their solid form and shape make it easy to outline your lips and fill in the color. For even more precision, you can use a lip brush to apply the lipstick, ensuring clean lines and an even distribution of color.

Lip Gloss

Applying lip gloss with precision can be a bit more challenging since they often come with an applicator wand, squeeze tube, or pot. You can swipe the gloss onto your lips using the applicator, but achieving clean lines and even coverage may require some practice. A lip brush can be a game-changer for a more precise application, especially when layering gloss over lipstick.

The Final Word: Lipstick, Lip Gloss, or Both?

So, which one should you choose: lipstick or lip gloss? The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. It all depends on your personal style, makeup preferences, and the look you want to achieve. Lipstick offers intense color payoff, longer wear, and precise application, while lip gloss provides a glossy finish, comfortable wear, and a more natural look. You might even decide to wear both, layering lip gloss over lipstick for added shine and dimension.

At the end of the day, makeup is all about expressing yourself and having fun. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different lip colors and textures to find the perfect product that makes you feel fabulous and confident. So, embrace your inner beauty guru, and happy lipstick and lip gloss hunting!


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