What Are The Best Colors To Wear In Spring

February 17, 2022

Not so long ago, the only colors guys would wear were black, grey, navy, and brown. Pretty bleak, right? Luckily, it’s 2022, and fashion has advanced miles!

With spring, warmer weather, and sunnier days just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to try something new and experiment with new shades!

Not sure what are the best colors to wear in spring? We’ve got you covered, so take a look at our suggestions for the most fashionable tones to wear next season.


Let’s continue the earth color them and talk about maroon. If you still don’t have any maroon pieces yet, it’s time to make the change and get a maroon hoodie that you can find here: https://freshcleantees.com/products/maroon-zip-up-hoodie

Maroon is a great transition color from the usual winter browns and greys. It’s also very versatile and looks great with blue, shades of green, white, and others.

One of our favorite early spring looks for a guy? A light blue shirt, olive chinos, and a slim maroon puffer vest.


Is there anything more spring-like than green color? Join the waking nature by adding some green pieces to your wardrobe!

Green looks great on most people, and there are plenty of shades to choose from, starting with forest green and olive and going all the way to such fun shades as turquoise, Kelly green, and lime. Pick which one that’s closest to your heart and incorporate it into your everyday outfits.

Green is also easy to pair as it works well with neutrals and base colors like black, grey, white, and navy. But you can also experiment and create fun combinations with other shades too!


No, mustard is not just a condiment! It’s the perfect shade of yellow that adds joy to every single day and looks great with most hair colors and complexions.

Mustard is a darker and less “loud” yet still very positive and exciting color.

So how about a mustard tee, hoodie, or a fun cardigan for layering during those unpredictable spring days? Pair it with blue, grey, beige, black, or charcoal chinos, add white leather sneakers, and you’ve got a whole spring look!


Red is one of the trending colors of 2022, so if you want to keep at least one leg in the world of fashion, include something in red in your daily wardrobe rotation.

Red is also very appropriate for spring as it symbolizes life and new beginnings. Red comes in various shades, from dark rust to crimson, so you can easily choose based on your preference and skin tone.

You also don’t need to work much when styling it, as red is always the focus of attention.

Light purple

Another trending color of 2022 is light purple, and it surely makes a statement! Don’t be afraid of this lavender-like shade as it’s so beautiful and helps welcome the new season with a lot of positivity.

Light purple looks good with most neutrals; we especially like it with beige or off-white for a bright everyday look. How about beige denim trousers and a purple tee or hoodie?

Cobalt blue

Don’t skip the cobalt blue if you feel like experimenting with more colors. It’s a stunning shade that will get you all the right attention and make you feel empowered.

We love casual sweatshirts or hoodies in this color as the simplicity of the garment balances out with this luxurious shade.

It’s also relatively straightforward when it comes to styling! Because you don’t want to look like a rainbow, just pair it with black, charcoal, or off-white.

Off-white or ivory

Speaking of neutrals, let’s take a look at the beautiful and clean off-white and ivory shades.

You might have tried it and decided it’s not for you after the first ketchup stain, but we urge you to rethink. Spring brings in optimism, and the same goes for these shades.

We love an off-white denim shirt, light merino sweater, cardigan, or a simple hoodie that elevates any outfit to something a little innocent and luxurious.

Another great thing about these colors is that it’s very easy to style them as they go with pretty much anything. Whether you like big contrasts or stay to a pastel palette, you can do it all!

Dark orange

If you’re not someone to make bold fashion statements but still want to be creative this spring, how about dark orange? It’s an earthy color that is optimistic and bright enough yet doesn’t attract too much attention.

You can either opt for a burnt orange hoodie, tee, puffer vest, or simply incorporate the color into your look as an accessory, e.g., a cap or even just socks!

This shade looks great with most neutrals and other earth colors like brown and grey.

Light pink

We’re very thrilled that guys are warming up to pink color. It was deemed strictly feminine for too long, so let’s make up for the lost time.

Light pink is perfect for spring as it’s optimistic and fun. It’s also quite versatile and works for the majority of complexions and hair colors. If you’re very fair, though, go for a little darker pink to avoid the washed-out effect.

Try out a few pieces and see which shade makes your features pop instead of disappearing.

When it comes to pairing light pink, don’t go overboard and go with contrasts and neutrals. Think about a pale pink merino cardigan or a sweater paired with dark blue jeans. Or swap the jeans for off-white chinos. Yes, that’s the spring outfit we’re talking about!


Camel is a great color to add to your spring wardrobe if you love simplicity with a dash of luxury.

We love light spring jackets, blazers, or cardigans in this shade because they’re just what the doctor ordered for a sunny spring day. Clean, simple, and open to possibilities!

Camel is pretty easy to style as it works with most other shades. We’re also partial to a full-on monochrome look, e.g. camel trousers paired with camel hoodie and white sneakers.


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