What Are the Benefits of Autoflower Seeds?

Home cannabis plantations, whether in the garden or indoors, are the dream of almost any fan of this useful plant. Starting the practice of self-cultivation of marijuana bushes, the buyer is faced with the question of which strain to choose. The market offers a wide array of all kinds of seeds suitable for different climatic zones and conditions of cultivation. If you want to harvest all year round and not depend on the seasons, pick autoflowering seeds in the Herbies online store.

Why Are Autoflower Seeds Better than Others?

The main advantage of autoflowering marijuana is that its vegetation does not depend on sunlight. It begins to bloom at a certain time, and therefore, the entire cycle till cutting buds is shortened to 50 days. After that, the plant will bear fruit again. In addition, autoflowering marijuana strain has other advantages:

Hidden Bushes Grow Fast

The small size of the bush will allow you to grow marijuana even in tight spaces, such as balconies. Since the plant grows low, your neighbors won’t even guess that you are planting cannabis.

Resilience to the Vagaries of the Weather

If you live in climatic conditions with a sharp temperature difference, you should not worry about your plantation at all. Shrubs can easily withstand contrasting temperatures.

Ease of Care

Autoflowering cannabis is not too demanding to care for. Therefore, even if you do not devote a lot of time and effort to growing plants, this will not affect the amount of the harvest in any way.

When you buy autoflowering seeds, you in reality purchase auto-growing plants. Even with a minimum of attention and lighting, you will still get an excellent harvest. And in fact, you will be persuaded that these compact bushes are in no way inferior to taller and lusher strains.


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