What Are LED Shop Lights? Things To Consider When Buying LED Shop Lights

March 10, 2021

LED shop lights are the new version of fluorescent lights. They are a great lighting option for lighting a workbench or a small work area. Also, they find applications in garages as the LED shop lights are not only simple to use but are also cost-effective.

The fluorescent light fixtures were designed so that they could easily accommodate 4-feet fluorescent tubes, which, compared to incandescent bulbs, offer a better lifetime, low electric consumption, and better-balanced color temperatures. All these features made them the idea lights to be used in workshops.

With the advancement in LED technology, LED lights’ performance has exceeded that of the fluorescent lights, thus making the LED shop lights a technical no-brainer. The best part is that these LED lights have adopted a linear form factor similar to that of the fluorescent lights and are generally available in four feet lengths using a similar style of the fixture.

The advantages of shop lights are numerous, but the primary ones are:

  • Cost-effective – LED lights can be bought for less than fifteen dollars. Lepro LED shop lights offer great value for price. You can check them out at https://www.lepro.com/led-shop-lights.
  • Simple Installation– One can install these lights even with little to no knowledge about electric bulbs.
  • Adjustable – You can easily adjust the shop light’s position and height. Generally, a four-feet fluorescent light is mounted on ceilings and thus is quite difficult to install and adjust. This is not a problem with a shop light fixture’s height, as well as its position can be adjusted easily.
  • No wastage: You can position the shop light fixture right where you need the light, and thus, there is no wastage of light on illuminating the areas where light is not needed, and it will further help you save on your electrical bills.

LED Shop Light Buying Guide

Below we have mentioned some of the factors that you should consider before buying the shop lights.

  • Light Output

Generally, the brightness of the shop lights is given in the form of lumens. So, make sure to check the lumen factor before buying a new shop light. Below mentioned are the estimates of the lumens in certain forms of bulbs.

    • Fluorescent shop lights: fifty lumens per watt
    • Incandescent shop lights: fifteen lumens per watt

You can think of a 1500 lumen LED light to be roughly equivalent to a 30 Watt fluorescent light or 100 Watt incandescent shop light. Thus, LED lights offer ten times more brightness while consuming the same power.

  • Color Temperature

Color temperature determines whether the bulb will appear blue or yellow.

While 2700K is the color temperature of the incandescent bulbs, the color temperature of 6500K is regarded as natural daylight. Choose a LED light bulb depending on the type of lighting that you want while working and the activity you will be using it for.

Generally, the low color temperature provides a warm or a more relaxed atmosphere. Thus, an LED shop light that is used in residential garages should have around 4000K or a color temperature below that.

On the other hand, the higher color temperatures provide better color acuity. Whereas 5000k provides neutral and clear lighting, which allows an improved color perception. It is something that light bulbs with a color temperature of 4000k or below do not provide because of their yellow bias.

If you are looking to duplicate the natural daylight, then 6500K will be the perfect color temperature you can opt for.

  • CRI: pick 80 or above

CRI is quite tricky to understand. This is because you cannot gauge the CRI of a bulb simply by looking at the light given out by the LED shop light. The CRI score ranges between zero to hundred, and it is used to measure how accurately you can see an object when placed under that light. The higher your score is, the more accurate the bulb is. Make sure to choose an LED light with a CRI score of 80 or above that.

Bottom Line

LED shop lights are an amazing alternative to fluorescent shop lights. They are an amazing choice for lighting up your work area. We hope that the points as mentioned above help you make an informed choice.


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