A Complete Warframe Fishing Guide in 2020

May 10, 2020

Warframe is the famous third-party game which involves slicing and dicing of the armies. But instead of the shooter-looter spree, there are a lot of other relaxing games from Warframe that you can try. And so instead of holding a gun and do some senseless killing, why not pick up a fishing spear. Don’t worry as it is not going to be a complete shift from the battlefield to something peaceful, as here you will be able to spear the innocent fishes violently. So want to know how you can start fishing and speed up you scaly body count. Here is the complete Warframe Fishing Guide for 2020.

Fishing seems to be the quickest and easiest way that yield Standing and earn rewards that you can further use to build more weapons. So let’s get started so that you too create a story of your own.

Warframe Fishing Requirements

First and foremost thing that you will require for fishing is the equipment. You can acquire the Fishing Spear in Warframe from one of the vendors on Cetus, by the name Fisher Hai-Luk. The vendor sells all the fishing supplies. But unlike the other vendors of Cetus who accepts credits, Hai-Luk doesn’t take credits- but Standings. Yes, to buy any of the fishing spears you need to offer standings.

But how can one start earning it? So Konzy in Cetus has assigned certain bounties that you can complete to earn a few standings. Finishing a single bounty can get you enough money to buy the starter fishing spear which costs about 500 standing.

Now that you have your fishing spear, add it up in your Gear menu and you can easily access it via your Arsenal.

Know Your Surroundings

The most important thing for making the most out of your fishing spree is knowing your environment. As you pull out your spear, the environmental noise will reduce automatically, making you concentrate more on the fish in your surroundings. Fishes usually make a splashing sound before bubbling out some water, and this will help you spot them better. You can always wear your headphones as it will make the process and pinpointing the location of the fishes easy.

You will hear the noise actually a few seconds before they actually come to the surface, so make sure you have your spear out. Also as soon as you hear the sound of bubbling just scan the water around you.

An important tip to keep in mind is that while you are out with your fishing spear, you are not safe from the attack of your enemies. You are still at a vulnerable position and can be attacked by the nearby enemies, so be careful. This time your weapons are disabled and you don’t have the ability to attack. So don’t even try to throw the spear at your enemy. It won’t work.

Such attacks don’t do any damage and so you just need to be careful.

Where are the Fishing Hotspots?

So the next thing you need to know before starting your fishing tour is the knowledge of hotspots. There are certain rare fish species that are usually under hiding. And so you need to have a special bait to lure them to come to the surface. There are certain hotspots in the water where you can use these baits to attract the fish. Now how to know the hotspot area?

The hotspots of fishes are characterized by circular patterns. These patterns fade in and out slowly on the water surface. While in Plains of Eidolon you would observe white patterns, in Orb Vallis there are greenish glowing lights. And so whenever you approach a hotspot area, just throw the bait in it.

Now, there are different types of bait available and these baits kind of influence the type of fish that will be attracted around the hotspot. The period of bait effect is for 3 minutes, and it is enough for a fish to spawn. Also, a hotspot stays active for a different period of time, and so you can try throwing your bait on the given spot, even if you have done it already.

As the area of the hotspot is big enough, it is not necessary that you hit the spot right on. Just throwing the bait in the general areas as well would work. It is enough to take effect. The hotspot area will disappear after it expires, or only after all the fishes are caught or run away.

An added advantage of fishing in the hotspots is that it is shared between all the members when you are playing with the squad.

How to Start Fishing in Warframe?

There are two different zones where you can fish- Plains of Eiodolon and in Fortuna. The equipment and fishing strategy differs slightly and so here is the fishing guide to Warframe.

Guide to Fishing the Plains of Eidolon

In the Plains of Eidolon you will find seven different types of fish inhabitants. The fishes are classified on the basis of their size like small, medium and large. And as expected, the larger the fish you hunt, the greater will be your reward.

All the fishes after hunting are filleted and cleaned at the Fisher Hai-Luk for their meat, scales and oil. Also every species of fish yield one special material. The kind of fishes that spawn also depends on the time of day you are fishing.

At the Plains of Eidolon, there is a Day-Night cycle of 22 minutes of Day which is then followed by 4 Night for 4 minutes. So make your fishing plans according to the species you are aiming for.

As we mentioned above, there are certain fishes that you can catch only with the help of bait. The specific baited fish species are rare than the other fishes.

And so the reward for hunting such specie is more than the reward that you earn for catching common species. For instance, if you catch the Glappid, you will earn 10-times the Standing of even the most costly common species.

Additionally, fishing spears are also different. You can purchase them from the Hai-Luk store. There are three different fishing Spear, each making a different kind of damage.

The need for different spears is because while some fish are more vulnerable, some of them are more resistant type. And so you need to change your spear every time you encounter a different kind of fish to make the most damage.

How to Start Fishing in Plains of Eidolon?

So now you are aware of the fishes in the Pains of Eidolon and the spears that you need. So let’s move on to the process to attack.

To start fishing head to the Plains of Eidolon. Spot a water body and while holding the Q tab click on the gear slot. After you get the right fishing spear with you, aim it just like you aim a gun. For aiming the right mouse button is set a default. Also, make sure you are facing the water.

The noise from the environment will be muted partially and after a few second you will be able to hear the splashing and bubbling sound made by the fishes. This is the indication of the fish being spawned near you. Try to concentrate on the sound and move in its direction. As you will keep your eyes on the water, you will be able to spot the fish on the surface soon.

Tip- When you become a pro at the game, just hover your crosshair on the fish and you will be able to see the species name as well.

When the fish comes in your sight, take your aim and use the left mouse button to throw the spear. It is set by default for both throwing the spear and for firing a weapon. If you are successful, then Warfame will pull out the fish but if you fail then your target will swim away. You can aim multiple times but after a few miss the fish will despawn automatically. But if you catch the fish, visit Fisher Hai-Luk into Cetus once more.

Here you can either “Cut Bait” in order to reduce the fish into its component parts, or “Provide” your caught fish and exchange it for Standing.

How to Start Fishing in Fortuna?

So the variety of fishes on Venus is not commendable. Forget an actual Tuna, you won’t even find real fishes in their water bodies. However, in Orb Vallis, you will find about 13 special species of Servofish inhabiting the lake, pond and the cave biomes.

To catch the Servofish you need to have a special spear-like the Shockprod. If you do not have enough standing to buy the special spears, then you can use the normal gears from Cetus as well but it would cause damage to Servofish and thus lessen its trade-in-value.

Unlike the Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis doesn’t follow the day-night cycle. Instead, it follows a warm-cold cycle. While you are in Orb Vallis, you can just pull out the map to check its current cycle. The cold cycles are longer than the warm ones. Just like these fishes, Fortuna fishes are classified as Basic, Adorned, and Magnificent. The rarer and the bigger the Servofish the greater reward you will earn by trading it. Some of these Servofish are also like the fishes from the Plains of Eidolon as you need to lure them with bait. But don’t worry as the non-bait Servofish also reward you with decent standings.

How to Acquire Bait? How to Use It?

Hai-Luk is the go-to person for everything you need from spears to filleting. However she doesn’t sell baits, rather she sells the blueprints of it. So you can buy a blueprint and then use it as many times as possible. You just have to craft your own bait using the components needed from the Foundry. To craft a bait use the resources available on the Plains of Eidolon, that are mostly from the other fish species.

Baits do not work as your fishing spears. You do not need to equip it with Arsenal. Whenever you go out to the fishing spot and use your spear, you will observe that the bait is mentioned in the right bottom corner of the fishing menu. You can cast the bait while you aim by pressing the consequent number key.

One thing to keep in mind is that for effective use of bait; do not throw it anywhere you want. Try to aim your bait near a hotspot. As a result of which your bait will stay active for about three minutes. But note that you do not waste your bait at the same place. This won’t increase the chances of catching the desired fish.

How Can I See Fish at Night?

A lot of you might be eyeing the fishes that spawn only at night, and so it would be a real trouble to spot them. If you are a beginner then it would be nearly impossible for you to see anything in the dark waters. So what to do in such cases? It is not big of a problem and there is a simple fix available for it.

In case you are sure that you want to go after the night fishes, then you can buy the Luminos Dye blueprint form the Hai-Luk store and build it along with Ferrite and Iradite in your foundry. Next, equip it in your Fishing Menu, and then you can use it just like a bait. However, unlike bait, which you can throw only in the hotspot areas, you can throw this dye almost anywhere and enjoy its effect.

So how does it Work? With the Luminos Dye basically the fishes in the nearby area will glow for about two minutes and so you can easily spot them. This will help you spot the fish not only in dark but also those hiding under the aquatic plants.

Wrapping Up

Free yourself from the constant looting and shooting cycle with this peaceful and challenging Warframe video game. We hope that this Warframe fishing guide was helpful. In case you want some help with more tricks and cheats then let us know in the comment section.



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