Useful Apps for Your Smartphone That Can Help You Earn Extra Revenue

August 25, 2021

Since the cost of living is always on the rise, it has become increasingly important that we all have an extra means of income. But while no one’s against making some extra cash, very few people know how to go about it.

If you are interested in making money in an easily accessible way, you may play games in a casino online or you can download money-making apps. Should you go for the latter, you will have a wealth of options to choose from.

These options include taking surveys, selling old items, executing side projects, etc. It gets even better when you realize that your smartphone is all you need to start.

Below are the best free money making apps for you:


With this app, you will receive cash backs from buying items from more than 1,500 brands and retail stores whether online or in person. Though the offer was originally on groceries, it has been broadened to include fashion, pet supplies, and other categories.

Some offers may be for a particular product or retailer while some are applied automatically. For others, you will be required to carry out tasks like watching videos and taking polls.

You can qualify for cashback in 3 different ways in stores. You may buy a gift card, link loyalty accounts, or upload an image of your receipt on the app after a shopping trip. For online shopping, you may make use of the app or website.


Rakuten offers customers cashback as high as 40% on items bought from popular restaurants, retailers, and food sellers. Cash backs are also offered for travel, gift cards, etc.

Using Rakuten is easy. You just have to create your account on the app, select your preferred deal, and make your purchase via the portal. It’s just as easy as playing at a casino online in Switzerland.

If you want to, you may link your bank card to receive cash in-store, just ensure that the deal has been activated via the app beforehand. You will get your reward after it has been verified by Rakuten, this may take a couple of hours or some days.


Swagbucks is an application that offers cash backs and other rewards to its users. There are different ways to earn “SB” points. They include purchasing items, gaming, video streaming, and completing tasks.

You may convert your points into gift cards or transfer the cashback to a Paypal account. The number of points you receive will depend on the task you complete.

For instance, you can get between 40 to 200 SB points for completing a survey. Also, the minimum withdrawal will depend on your preferred option. However, you can get certain gift cards for as little as 140 points.


Fiverr is a freelancing platform on which you can find more than 200 categories of gigs. Some of the categories of gigs available include programming, copyrighting, and video editing.

To get started, you will have to first create a Fiverr account as a “seller” and fill in your expertise. After that, post the type of gigs you are available for and other necessary information such as pricing.

The clients are the “buyers”, anyone of them interested in your service will click on your profile to offer you jobs. You get the job by accepting the offer.

Upon the successful completion of the task, you will receive your payment. There are different levels on the platform and sellers are classified based on performance. The higher your tier, the better the gigs and benefits you will get.


Upwork is a freelancing marketplace that brings enterprises and individuals together and oversees the business conducted between both parties. Some of the gigs that are offered on the platform include content writing, web design, marketing, and more.

Before you can start making money on Upwork, you have to first set up your profile. The details that you will be required to provide are your field of expertise, level of expertise, availability, and pricing. You may decide to receive your pays hourly or after each task.

Once your profile is approved, you will be able to send proposals for jobs that come up in your field. If the clients are impressed by your proposals, they will give you tasks to complete.

Each proposal you submit on the platform will come at a little price. But if you are contacted by the clients, it will cost you nothing to accept their offers.

Just like Fiverr, Upwork has different tiers for its freelancers. The higher your tier, the easier it will be to convince clients of your expertise.

Offer Up

OfferUp is a local marketplace that recently had a merger with Letgo. The platform allows users to put different items up for sale. Items you can put up for sale include clothes, smartphones, tools, furniture, appliances, kitchenware, and more.

Also, the platform allows its users to sell to buyers in the continental United States. So, you can reach a broader audience if you want to. To get started, create an account and take a picture of any item you would like to sell.

You will also need to add a description of the item along with the price at which you wish to sell. After that, you can post it. Interested buyers will connect with you on the app. You may either complete a sale by shipping or meeting a buyer in person.

Remember not to ever sell outside Offer Up, you can easily get scammed if you do.


Poshmark is the perfect platform for you to sell your clothes and accessories. It is very easy to use too.

Just create an account and upload images of the item. After that, you may write your description, pricing, and then, share the listing. Additionally, you have the option of posting the item in the “Posh Parties” section.

Posh Parties are simply online shopping events. You will receive an email containing your prepaid shipping label when you get a buyer. The sale is complete once the buyer receives the package from you.


Now, you don’t have to ever be short on cash again. Use any of these mobile apps to make the extra money you need safely and easily. They are all available on Android and iOS platforms.


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