UN is set to Open its First talks on Use of Killer Robots

November 13, 2017

United Nations, on Monday, confirmed to host the first talks officially in the matter of autonomous weapons utilization, which is supposed to be an accord overriding the so-called “Killer Robots”, stated by the leading ambassador of the discussions.

According to the statement of Elon Musk, the Activists and Technical Leader of Tesla, UN must considered the matter serious and put a ban on the utilization of Killer Robots Systems as it could transfigure the warfare significantly, putting the lives of civilians at higher risk.

The Indian Ambassador who is chairing the meeting, Amandeep Gill also added, “The Conference on Disarmament will open on Monday and expected to last for five days and the major talks and decisions will be on weaponry, however people claiming for a ban won’t be satisfied with end results indeed”.

He further added, “Legislating a ban on Autonomous Weapons would be easier, but speeding up on such a complex topic so early would not be wise”. “He also stated that the discussion would mainly focus on civil society and technology companies, however a part of the discussion would also focus on learning the different kinds of weapons in pipeline”.

The promoters for the ban of Killer Robots, including Campaigns to Withdraw the Use of Robots, insist that the humans should take the liability for the ultimate decision to destroy or kill the weapons. These promoters also dispute that any such robotic weapons which entrust the final decision on individual strike to an algorithm must be considered illegal by definition as they are controlled by computers and hence they can’t be held liable under the international humanitarian law.

Most of the chairing committee members and organizations has called for a ban, while most are against the ban but underscore the need to place limits on the use of these autonomous weapons including the International Committee of Red Cross.

ICRC’s Arms Unit Member, Neil Davison told AFP, The bottom line of the decision is that these autonomous weapons are not eligible for law and no one can transfer the legal liability for legal decisions to machines.


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