Fix TunnelBear Error Connecting To Server

May 4

VPN or Virtual Private Network programs are widely used to keep your data online. It helps you access content from across the globe by surpassing geographical restrictions. We have mentioned some top VPNs in our previous blog and how to use them.

One of such popular VPN program is TunnelBear. Although VPNs come up with a user-friendly interface and are easy to use. But few users have faced an issue of server not connecting in TunnelBear.

In this article, we are going to solve TunnelBear Error Connecting To Server. So let’s get started.

Why is TunnelBear not connecting?

TunnelBear is one of the most popular VPNs, among others, in the market. It offers a high connection speed and allows secure service in different countries. But sometimes users complain about facing an error while connecting to the server.

As a matter of design, VPN uses one internet connection to route all the data to the server. Therefore, your connection will be slower as the data is going through the server first for the encryption process via one channel. In this way, your security is ensured.

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Is TunnelBear safe?

TunnelBear is among the widely used VPNs available in the market. So if you are wondering whether it is safe to use or not, well, it is incredibly reliable and secure to use. It is 100% safe due to the following vital reasons.

  • It doesn’t save log files.
  • No leaks detected.
  • It is incredibly safe and secure.

Solutions for TunnelBear Error Connecting To Server

Try out these solutions to fix the TunnelBear connection issue. These are tested by our team and working find.

Method 1: Try quick troubleshooting solutions

First of all, check whether some other app is interfering between the connection of your VPN. If that is so, close the application immediately. If the app isn’t essential enough, you can also uninstall it for better results.

You can also try to connect TunnelBear with a different internet connection as the Internet connection might be a culprit here.

Another quick troubleshooting solution is to uninstall and reinstall TunnelBear. It might resolve the issue for sure. But if none of these quick solutions works out for you, try out other methods given further.

You can uninstall it using the control panel.

Method 2: Disable Browser Extension

If you are using the TunnelBear app along with its browser extension, it might lead to some unexpected alike connection issues. You can disable a browser extension of TunnelBear while using its app, and it might resolve the issue for you.

Method 3: Confirm the connection

Firstly go to bearmyip and then check if you are correctly connected. When the displayed locations match the shown on TunnelBear, you are good to go. You can also check some updates on their Twitter page.

If there is no update, then simply restart the device, and it might resolve this issue. When none of that works out, go the second solution, as mentioned below.

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Method 4: Turn On TCP Override

When the connection on TunnelBear is down, this solution can be the saviour for you. Here’s how?

When the connection is slow or unstable, you are likely to face such errors on TunnelBear.

Simply turn on the TCP override to improve the performance to a great extent.

Under the General tab, go to TunnelBear Preferences, turn on TCP override here. If it is already enabled, turn it off and on again.

Method 5: Check if Tunnelbear down?

Make sure that TunnelBear servers are running. If you are facing TunnelBear Error Connecting To Server issue then wait for some time and check again.

How to troubleshoot TunnelBear not working?

While using TunnelBear, if you find it to be down, then you can try these fixes.

Tunnelbear won’t open

Is your TunnelBear won’t open at all? Do not worry; we have got your back!

Not opening in Browser

When you find it difficult to open TunnelBear on the browser, just clear the cache and cookies of your browser. Check whether the issue is resolved. Also, restart the browser extensions to get the job done.

The app not opening

If you are facing issues with the app, then check if its version is compatible with your device you are installing it on. You should install the app, which is compatible with your device.

Tunnelbear login issue

Are you having trouble login to the TunnelBear? It happens when the internet connection is slow. Usually, TunnelBear slows down the internet when you connect to different servers randomly. That’s how it is designed to ensure your security from online vulnerabilities and threats. You can fix it by trying out the solutions explained before.

How do I get TunnelBear to work?

If you are wondering how to get rid of this connection issue and get the TunnelBear back to work, have a look at some solutions as given below.


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