TSplus Launches TSplus Remote Support – The Best Value for Money Alternative to TeamViewer

January 6, 2022

These days, out of necessity, many businesses of all sizes from across the globe are shifting to remote methods of working. Remote work has definitely changed the business landscape and is bringing a lot of advantages. Companies are reducing costs and response times, and resolving issues quicker, among other benefits.

As well as its evident efficiency and financial gains, there are many challenges related to working remotely. For instance, it has become crucial for every company to have an effective and secure remote work infrastructure that allows employees and clients full scope to work from the safety of their homes.

Fittingly, TSplus is a worldwide software development organization that specializes in making apps and data secure and easy to access, from any device, at any time. The company offers a range of low-cost remote work software solutions ideal for creating a complete work-from-home environment in no time and, all importantly, familiar to its users.

TSplus’ recent addition, their remote assistance software solution, is described in full detail here: TSplus Remote Support. We are going to focus on its main functionalities and features, which are valuable in growing and improving any kind of business.

What is TSplus Remote Support?

TSplus Remote Support is basically user-friendly screen sharing and remote-control software that securely establishes a connection to remote computers in just a few clicks.

The tool has been designed to respond to the increased need of businesses to implement remote assistance for their employees and customers when it comes to software-related issues. It allows remote support agents to manage computers remotely – no matter where each is located – and access files and applications. They can thus provide instant help if a system needs troubleshooting.

TSplus Remote Support has a low licensing cost, a small software footprint, and is locally installed for ultimate data privacy.

It should be noted that there are several tools, such as TeamViewer, that have been providing remote support services during these unprecedented times. However, TSplus has proven to be the best alternative in the market, in terms of innovation, features, and cost. Here is what TSplus Remote Support has to offer.

What does TSplus Remote Support offer?

TSplus Remote Support is packed with many handy features, such as remote assistance, full control of connections, screen sharing, unattended access, file transfer, and clipboard.

Another main function of TSplus Remote Support is its secure online real-time chat. There are multiple support agents available to diagnose technical issues and fix them remotely at any time.

The chatbox allows text communication (with language selection) and file sharing between the agent and the client. It is a perfect way to avoid unnecessary phone calls or e-mails every time a new issue appears.

Furthermore, the whole TSplus Remote Support connection process is easy and secure. No special IDs or Passwords are required. The agent simply creates a link and sends it to the client by email. Once the client clicks the link and allows the plug-in to run, the connection is established, and the agent is able to start remote assistance actions. Only one click is required!

Last but not least, TSplus takes data privacy seriously, whether the tools are installed on-site or in the cloud. That is why TSplus Remote Support provides a secure connection with SSL/TLS encryption, making sure critical and confidential information is kept protected and cannot be accessed without permission.

Why should businesses use TSPlus Remote Support?

There is no doubt that TSplus Remote Support is a must-have tool that could be used in many different ways to optimize internal processes and solve technical problems completely remotely, reducing support time. Its fully-featured trial version can be downloaded for free (15 days with 5 remote support agents) directly from the TSplus website.

TSplus provides solutions that are the perfect match for any kind of industry, adapting to specific and functional contexts, thus satisfying the needs of both employees and customers. Businesses can certainly use TSplus’ tools to save time, money, and effort.


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