Try These Shortcuts to Save in Kitchen Remodels

August 10, 2021

Keeping costs down in kitchen remodeling can be very challenging. All the pieces you want in your dream kitchen renovation could launch the remodel price higher than your intended budget. On average, kitchen renovations can cost $8,500 (with many much, much higher than that), so you want to save where you can.

You may not ever create a faultless kitchen, but some minor adjustments can significantly lower the cost. As you would guess, the more items you incorporate, the higher the price of the kitchen makeover will be. Let’s take a look at some tips to save money on your kitchen remodel.

RTA Cabinets are a Great Alternative to Custom Cabinetry

Quality kitchen cabinetry that is custom-built is the largest expense for those planning a kitchen remodel. These cabinets offer options beyond what you can dream up. Custom raised-panel doors, specific-sized glass doors, and even individually formulated paint tones are available with custom cabinetry. The cost for these products will be much higher than a more typical kitchen renovation project.

Unless you are a professional designer trying to pad the value of a home, the price will likely prevent you from going with custom. A common remodeler trying to renovate a home can easily go with ready to assemble cabinets and save cash for other aspects of the makeover.

Take a Close Look at Your Hardware

Cabinet hardware should blend functionality and style to supplement kitchen cabinet doors. If you choose premium handles, you are pulling the attention away from the main components in your kitchen – the cabinets. Cabinet handles should not be a primary purchase in your renovation project. Buying luxurious handles can skyrocket your expenses. These are often the types of minor items that can shock you; they are the last item you would think would drastically increase the total cost, but they do. Go for ordinary handles without extravagance. Many people will do better going for plainness with a price that won’t blow their budgets.

More Why Would You Need More than One Trash Bin Cabinet?

Cabinets come with the choice of trash bin cabinets. These are often either fifteen or eighteen inches wide. The 15” cabinet has a single bin, while the 18” has two bins. If you like the idea of a trash and recycling bin, you’d likely go with the 18” trash cabinet. Renovators going for a single bin to handle more would go for the 15” cabinet. No matter what, you don’t need more than one trash bin cabinet. There is a negligible price difference between the single and double varieties. By buying two cabinets, your costs will rise steeply.

Countertops Give You the Chance to Save Cash

Countertops have changed a lot in quality and can often be the last element to push the cost of the kitchen to remodel above the limit. Depending on the material, the countertop can alter the kitchen surface’s visual attractiveness, contrasting effects, and resilience. The increasingly trendy quartz has many options on its own to look like marble countertops. Meanwhile, you could pay much more for higher-end materials like Caesarstone, but that will take out many people’s budgets. The counter materials can be a strategic buy or the last straw. If the cost is too high for your desired material, there are quartz versions that look the same as luxurious stones to be found. Get your tabletops from Culinarydepot once you’re done with your countertops.

Save Money on Drawers

Drawers are the perfect tools for storage. The ease of use, durability, and different volume options make these boxes a necessity for all kitchens, no matter the design. However, renovators should avoid going with too many drawers. Most remodelers need one drawer bank to store large pots, baking sheets, and bulky pans. Having multiple drawers is overkill, particularly excessively large types. You can find larger drawers to meet your storage needs, but numerous drawer banks are too much.

You should be able to achieve your design and storage goals with one bank of drawers. If you get more, you will see those prices moving up much faster than you had thought in your initial budget.

How Much Customization is Really Necessary?

The more alterations you make during your kitchen renovation project, the more cash you will burn. On the other hand, the more focused your project, the less likely you will break your budget. This concept goes with your cabinetry, as fewer customizations will result in a more affordable cabinet.

Even though most homeowners will have the cabinets they found on the showroom floor, many kitchen designers are trying to improve their cabinets even more. These customizations may include elevated crown molding, building a platform for island cabinets, or modifying a cabinet to fit in its spot due to an obstruction. Completing these adjustments means extra labor on top of installing cabinets and will, of course, be added to the total when computing labor costs.

There are a few times where you’ll need to make modifications. Some of these examples include water lines, gas lines, soffits, and wall obstructions. Water and gas lines may not be able to be moved due to construction restrictions. Cabinet installers will need to cut a hole in specific cabinets to make room for pipes that connects to particular spots. Soffits and wall obstructions can be altered with a filler. These examples can be fixed easily enough, but adding on many excessive details and adjustments may destroy your budget.

Is That Latest Fad Worth It?

Some remodelers want to grab ahold of fads and be a part of the current trends going through kitchen design. Whether it is in appliances, countertops, backsplashes, or cabinets, trends can be expensive to follow. Grey cabinets are one example of a recent trend in kitchen design.  Luxurious components lead to high prices. Trends such as the latest sink or lighting arrangement can bust your budget versus a standard sink or appliance.


There are many methods to lower costs on your next kitchen renovation project. Go with superior RTA kitchen cabinets but watch out for the many lures that you will probably see in your remodeling experience. You can start shopping at a high-quality RTA cabinets store.


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