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March 31, 2020

If you truly enjoy torrenting, then TorBox is the site that you must visit. With the help of BitTorrent or UTorrent like software, you can easily download movies at a great speed from TorBox. And in case the site is down in your area, there are plenty of TorBox proxy sites that you can find which makes sure that your torrenting doesn’t stop.

There are plenty of Torrent sites that provide high–quality content to its users, however downloading it becomes difficult for some. But with sites as cool as TorBox the process becomes much easier, and faster.

What is TorBox?

TorBox is a very cool torrent search engine from which you can download TV shows, movies, games and software, ebooks and more in high quality. provides links for all movies and digital media content in 720p HD and 1080p Full HD. There are a lot of seeders that work for this platform and so every time that you try downloading a file from TorBox you will enjoy great speed.

TorBox Proxy
TorBox Proxy

Even though the TorBox torrent is famous for its awesome and high-quality movie links, its search result is a little disappointing. Yes even though the search engine will find all the items associated with the keyword it will only list the items that are near to you. The chances of getting non-relevant results are although rare. But still, the rate of downloading from this torrent site is faster than any other platform. Even the interface is easy and the staff and users of the site verify all the torrent files regularly. So if you have the torrent client software like uTorrent or BitTorrent installed on your system you can go ahead and start downloading your favorite content for free.

How Does Work?

Many of the people have heard that downloading files from torrent is tough and not everyone’s cup of tea. And so they don’t even try. However, if you know the proper process, then downloading movies or TV shows from Torrent will become easy for you. You can follow the steps given below to use for free downloads.

Step 1- Download uTorrent or similar software and install it on your system. Then visit the site.

Step 2- Now using the Search bar, look for the movie or stuff that you want to download. A list of top torrents with green smiley against it will be displayed.

Step 3- There will be some links with a red smiley, but they cannot be downloaded at high speed.

But don’t worry. You will find various links with a green smiley. But if not you can go with the red ones as well as they are downloaded at normal speeds.

Step 4- Select the Green smiley link. And then choose the download option through the magnet links. The uTorrent window will pop-up.

Step 5- Click on Ok.

That’s it. The downloading will begin and that too at great speed.

Is TorBox Down Right Now?

The main domain of TorBox platform cannot be accessed in various countries. And so people use the proxy and mirror sites. However, before you look for such sites you must check whether the site is up or not. There has been a time when the site was down for everyone. And the message looks like this.

TorBox Proxy
TorBox Proxy

The site may not work and can be down for a week or more. So keep checking. And in case the site is running, then you can use tools like VPN or Tor Browser to unblock it.

TorBox Proxy and Mirror Sites List

Proxy and Mirror lists are the clones of the original site. They are an exact copy of the main domain, in terms of interface, design, content, and smooth user experience. You can always opt for such sites if the main site is not working for you.

How to Unblock Torbox?

There are some ways by which you can unblock the torrent sites that are not working for you. The main reason behind the blocked sites is the restrictions put by the Government and the ISP of your country due to copyright violations. And so if you mask your IP address using the TOR browser or a VPN service you can access such restricted sites.

Use Tor Browser to

The TOR Browser helps in anonymous communication of the user. The Onion Router consists of a group of separate computers that are connected to the Internet and allows the user to bypass the restrictions. So if you are using Tor Browser then you can safely unblock any restricted site.

Download TOR Browser

Unblock Via VPN

The proxy mirror sites do not ensure the safety of the user. Even the firewalls today can track these proxy sites. On the other hand, VPN services hide the identity of the user online and do not even leak personal information. It is a more secure method of encryption.

And so using a VPN while browsing the proxy sites or any third-party application is recommended. Some of the well-known VPN include Nord VPN, Tor Guard, Cyber Ghost, Pure VPN, and Express VPN, etc.

Top TorBox Alterntorboxatives


TorBox is a great site to download movies, games, apps, but in case you are looking for some more features, or something different then visit these sites.


RARBG hosts a huge collection of magnet links for free download of the torrent file. This HD-quality site was launched in 2008 and since then it has been among the top torrent platforms. Even though it offers great digital content, it faced some restrictions by the Government of some countries. In such cases, RARBG proxy and mirror sites will help you unblock it.


Torrentz2 works as an indexer or search aggregator, which is different from other search engine platforms. And so it turns into a search engine as a user search for a title or enters a keyword in the search bar. In 2016 Torrentz a popular torrent website was shut down, which then lead to the formation of its successor Torrentz2. Here you will find only the verified uploads, some of the best links.


Zooqle is a large database indexer which is similar to Torrentz2. All the videos and torrent files are differentiated and organized according to their resolution while the TV shows are arranged in order of their chronologically. Its design is noteworthy and the content is uniquely difficult to be found on any other platform.


Another favorite torrent platform of various users is Limetorrents. It acts as a bridge to the files hosted by various websites. Limetorrents is a rich source of apps, ebooks music, movies, TV drama series and much more that you can download for free. It has a family-friendly database which is just the right site for you. Everyone can use it without any worry as it is completely safe.

Wrapping Up

Torrent and Torbox proxy & mirror sites are like a blessing in disguise. They make the downloading process fast and easy. So now you do not need to pay any subscription amount to watch your favorite content, just download it from Torrent.

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