Top Rated .458 SOCOM Suppressors

April 14, 2022

The market is filled with so different .458 SOCOM suppressors that it’s understandable to get overwhelmed just by the sheer number of options available. If you happen to be one of the shoppers, then you’d be glad to know that you’re certainly not alone! Fortunately, we’ve prepared this article on the best .458 SOCOM suppressors available on the market for you to get your hands on now!

How to Choose the Right Suppressor


This is the most obvious feature since the main reason why anyone buys a suppressor for their rifle is to reduce the sound when firing. Remember to check or ask the seller for the sound rating of the suppressor before making the final decision. 


The material of the suppressor is an important consideration. Make sure you get suppressors made from quality steel construction that are durable enough and won’t break after a few uses. Since the .458 SOCOM calibers are very powerful rounds, it’s best to go for suppressors made from stainless steel or aluminum constructions to provide you with the strength it needs to withstand the might of .458 SOCOM rounds. 


The price of the suppressor is certainly one of the most important aspects to consider when looking for a sight. This is especially true for gun owners shopping with a tight budget. However, you should never settle for the cheapest option right off the shelf. You should aim to get the best quality sight that you can afford. You may need to be prepared to fork out a little bit more money to get a higher quality scope.

Top Rated .458 SOCOM Suppressors on the Market

SilencerCo Hybrid 46 Suppressor


  • Sound: 123.7 dB (.300 BLK)
  • Full-auto and magnum rated.
  • Weight: 17.3 oz
  • Length: 7.8”
  • Materials: titanium; stainless steel
  • The Hybrid uses the same pistons as the Octane Series, Osprey Series, and Omega K Series
  • 5/8×24 thread mount
  • .46 front endcap
  • Piston housing
  • Hybrid multitool
  • Two (2) spanner wrenches

If you’re on the hunt for a big bore suppressor for your .458 SOCOM, then the SilencerCo Hybrid 46 might just be what you’re looking for. The SilencerCo Hybrid 46 is not only designed for the .458 SOCOM round, but it can be used for any gun chambered for cartridges smaller than the 46 calibers. 

The suppressor features a sturdy, welded construction made from the lightest and strongest metals in its design to withstand the powerful round. You can expect to use this suppressor for years to come. 

It’s not just durable, but it performs phenomenally when it comes to sound suppression – something it’s obviously designed to do! The .458 SOCOM is a big caliber that packs a pretty heavy punch to make shooting uncomfortable. Fortunately, the SilencerCo Hybrid 46 offers the right features to make shooting with the .458 SOCOM much more pleasant. Generating only 123.7 dB with the .300 BLK, you can actually shoot the 458 SOCOM without any ear protection and still have low tonicity. 

As mentioned before, the SilencerCo Hybrid 46 works on different calibers, and all you need to do is to switch the thread adapter, and the suppressor can be used to accommodate other rounds like the Bushmaster, Winchester, EDGE, and more. 


  • Versatile suppressor to fit different calibers.
  • Good enough to result in a pleasant shooting experience. 


  • Expensive.

Bowers VERS 458


  • Full-auto rated
  • Length: 11.25”
  • Weight: 23.2 ounces (plus thread mount insert)
  • Build materials: stainless steel; aluminum
  • Finish: matte black anodized
  • Selected Versadapt™ thread adapter

The Bowers VERS 458 is a popular go-to suppressor for many .458 SOCOM rifle owners, and it’s easy to see why. The Bowers suppressor measures 11.25 inches in length and 1.75-inch diameter, making it larger in size compared to other common rifle silencers. Those who are used to using 5.56mm NATO suppressors might find the Bowers VERS 458 to be quite large. However, the size is necessary to adequately suppress a big caliber like .458 SOCOM

In terms of weight, the Bowers VERS 458 weighs approximately 23.3 ounces. The suppressor is made with stainless steel and aluminum construction to withstand the might of .458 SOCOM rounds and last you years. You’ll also notice that the suppressor features anodized aluminum tubes to accommodate low muzzle pressure from the AR round and the large internal volume of the Bowers. 

Other than that, the Bowers VERS 458 comes with a simple baffle stack with 5 stepped baffles and mouse holes of ports specifically cut into both the front and backside. The ports work to create a lateral gas movement to maximize rifle performance. 


  • Significant recoil reduction. 
  • Offers good value for money. 


  • Expensive price tag. 

Griffin Bushwhacker 46 Suppressor


  • Weight: 18.1 ounces
  • Length: 8.25 inches
  • Diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Build Materials: 17-4 stainless steel; titanium
  • Finish: Black nitride
  • Supports 3-lug QD kit in 9 mm and 10 mm / .45 using the booster piston housing
  • Supports rifle calibers from .22 up to .45-70 Govt
  • Supports pistol calibers up to .45 ACP

The Griffin Bushwhacker 46 is another suppressor that you can consider for the .458 SOCOM round. This suppressor is made from 17-4 stainless steel with an amazing black nitride finish, while the baffles are made from high-quality 6AL4V titanium to last you a long time. 

The suppressor also sports a 1.37×24 threaded rear end for reduced compatibility issues when mounting it on your .458 SOCOM rifle. The Griffin Bushwhacker also comes with a Griffin Plan-A 1.375 mount, a 5/8×24 30-caliber brake, and a pistol booster. Everything comes together to help you reduce noise levels and felt recoil when firing the might .458 SOCOM. Just like the SilencerCo, this suppressor can be used for other calibers like the .450 Bushmaster, .50BMG, and more. 


  • Versatile choice. 
  • Made from quality materials.


  • Noise and recoil reduction could be better. 


We hope our article today on the best .458 suppressor today has given you enough information and details to make a better-informed decision. As always, you ought to do some research and check that you’re buying from reliable, trustworthy manufacturers by reading product reviews, online forums, and buying guides to see what others are saying about the products.


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