TOP Mobile App Development Languages

October 26, 2021

A mobile app development language is a set of formal rules used to write code for mobile applications. There are many mobile app development languages now, and the choice of a particular method depends on your goals and capabilities, the operating system, the type of application, and the requirements for it. In this article, we describe the main mobile app development languages for iOS and Android.


Flutter mobile app development framework is an SDK for creating fast and attractive cross-platform mobile apps, introduced by Google. As of 2020, it can also be used to create Flutter web apps and Flutter desktop apps (for macOS). It should be noted that support for these platforms is still in beta and alpha, respectively. In addition, Flutter can be used to create PWAs in the coming years as related libraries begin to appear.


  • Easy development. Flutter greatly simplifies the programmer’s workflow. First, hot reloading works very well. This is a feature that allows you to display code results and instantly detect a problem without reloading the application. In addition, having all the necessary widgets at your fingertips reduces development costs.
  • A great solution for creating MVPs. The combination of Flutter’s built-in UI components, ease of mobile app development, fast page load speeds, and reduced costs through a single code base makes Flutter a sufficient solution for creating a minimally viable application product. Read more about MVP software development.
  • Less testing effort. Because Flutter develops two applications using a single code base, testing experts only need to write automated tests once.
  • Application performance is almost as fast as in native mobile app development.
  • Tools for creating beautiful interfaces.


Until 2018 it was the main mobile app development language for Android, but even in 2021, many developers continue to use it. Java is used to develop cross-platform and hybrid interfaces.


  • Natural code for Android. The OS itself is also partly written in Java.
  • Universal. It runs on all platforms.
  • It can easily scale and update projects due to object-oriented code. That is, the code is easier to read, write, and update, which speeds up all processes.
  • Lots of out-of-the-box tools that are compatible with Java by default.


Swift is Apple’s mobile app development language that can be used to create apps for iOS, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. Swift has not only adopted all the pluses of Objective C but has also been endowed with new features that make writing and implementing code easier:


  • High speed. It reaches the level of C++.
  • Easy to read. It resembles English in logic, and it also has simple syntax and code.
  • Improved security when compared to Objective C.
  • A simplified way to fix bugs in code.
  • Stability is due to libraries that automatically link to the updated version and attach to the application.
  • Provides secure memory management.


Outsource node js development technology has transformed JavaScript, familiar to all web developers, from a client-side scripting language into a general-purpose language that has a large number of application options. At its core, Node.js is asynchronous. In addition to non-blocking I/O, this allows a Node.js server-side application to serve many more client requests per unit of time than a similar application developed in most other server-side development technologies.


  • You can run your project with relatively little money on the server infrastructure.

Your choice of programming language depends on the operating system, your application’s goals, and the development method you choose. Remember, though, that every mobile app development tool is only as good as the developer who uses it.

Sometimes it is hard to find high-quality experts in the above-mentioned mobile app development languages, but not anymore. If you contact RexSoft you will get access to a lot of high-class specialists. In any project, we strive to create a working product that will solve customers’ problems and increase profits. If you want to develop a fast and functional mobile app leave a request and we will contact you to discuss details.


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