Top Ecommerce Solutions That Vendors Should Know

June 15, 2022

Digital commerce, commonly known as eCommerce, is one of the trending options in the business sector today. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, shopping and buying dynamics have changed. Many people now prefer to shop online to minimize physical contact, and it is also convenient and easy. From this, the number of online shops and platforms has really increased. This includes buying from social media.

But have you ever wondered what powers online businesses and makes them possible? Many eCommerce solutions play a part whether it is a single eCommerce platform or many integrated apps and platforms. As a vendor, you should know the popular eCommerce solutions and how they help with the success of digital commerce.

Page and Website Builder

Before launching an eCommerce operation on a marketplace, a vendor is required to have all products on a single platform. This is the most crucial preparation. Product descriptions, images, prices, and any other pertinent information are added.

Luckily, this is one of the eCommerce solutions offered by reputable platforms. When a vendor subscribes, they are given a product page to organize and list all their products in accordance with the guidelines provided.

Some of the tools provided by a platform include web themes, product description templates, media addition capability, and price addition options.

Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Solutions

When an eCommerce platform accommodates many vendors and gives them the ability to manage their product pages, the eCommerce fulfillment solution is described as having a multi-vendor capability. This solution makes the business thrive efficiently because sellers can update their product pages at any time to keep buyers updated.

Some of the common edits allowed include adding new prices and discounts, adding product information that will benefit the customers, deleting products that are no longer in stock, and a lot more. The best multi-vendor eCommerce solutions allow sellers to access their product pages from anywhere or on any device.

Multichannel Ecommerce Solutions

Would you like to influence the sales of your products by linking your products or selling them on other channels such as social media pages? Well, you should then use eCommerce solutions that have multichannel selling capabilities.

Luckily, many popular eCommerce platforms, especially the ASP.NET platforms have this option. Therefore, you can even sync your product page with a personal online webshop or other popular marketplaces. It is even better when you use a marketplace that has integrated with other popular marketplaces through multichannel capabilities. This will ultimately increase your sales.

Marketing Tools

In addition to promoting more sales through a multichannel selling capability, vendors can enjoy more eCommerce solutions such as marketing tools. Each platform offers a unique set of tools to foster the marketing of product pages, websites, and the overall marketplace.

When marketing on the web, SEO tools play a major role. They not only increase the online visibility of your products but also promote the marketplace as a brand, which in return promotes sales.

You can also get a package to market your products on social media, as mentioned earlier, and through Google Ads, video streaming platforms, and many others. With a good platform, these solutions are just amazing.

Thriving Marketplace

One of the major eCommerce solutions to enjoy is a thriving marketplace. This is a marketplace where transactions between the vendor and the buyers occur. In simple terms, this is the webshop where buyers see listed products, add them to the cart, and proceed to pay for the order to be processed and delivered.

Even though a reputable multivendor marketplace such as Virto Commerce hosts numerous sellers, a buyer gets a seamless buying process, and they can hardly distinguish one vendor from another because they are all bound by similar selling guidelines.

The eCommerce platform ensures that the marketplace is thriving at all times through marketing and performing various tasks as we will see in the coming solutions.

Headless Ecommerce Solutions

One of the best ways to create a thriving eCommerce platform is through a headless solution. As the name suggests, it involves decoupling the front-end operations from the back-end operations to make operations more efficient. As one of the eCommerce solutions, headless eCommerce uses sophisticated technology such as cloud servers, stock and inventory management technologies, and secure payment processing.

When an eCommerce platform promises a headless eCommerce solution, vendors should be happy because they can focus on product improvement and keeping customers happy while the platform continues to take care of all other operations. For instance, you should not worry about the payment processing because the platform will handle it.

Payment Solutions

Paying on a secure platform is a big concern for buyers and sellers as well. Since it is the sole responsibility of an eCommerce platform to provide a secure payment platform for buyers, the vendor should use a platform with a track record of secure, accurate, and efficient payment solutions.

When looking for the top eCommerce solutions, consider this a priority to avoid losing customers or money through fraud or hacking. Those with the best solutions at the moment should also promise to keep making them better.

Apart from security, which is a big concern anyway, these platforms should accept different payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, bank transfer, mobile money, and other trending but secure options.

Teams Collaboration

Lastly, let’s talk about collaboration as one of the top eCommerce solutions. Big e-commerce businesses such as B2B operations may have large teams that work remotely. Hence, they need collaboration tools on the platform. Whether they are native to the platform or integrated from third-party eCommerce solution providers, these solutions are very important.

They include Office 365 apps and tools, marketing tools, web-building tools, infrastructure partners, and many others. The more are available, the better for vendors because they get a lot of solutions.

Final Words

There are many eCommerce solutions, and it is best to take advantage of them as a vendor. But before this, you should know which ones are available. Now that you have gone through the common ones, it is easy to make the right decision. For an even better decision, work with a professional eCommerce consultant.


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