Top 7 Magento Development Companies to partner with in 2021

November 6, 2021

Ever wonder how to create those fabulous, visually appealing, fast-scrolling, and smooth-browsing websites that grab users’ attention in no time?

Well, the answer to your question is Magento. Magento and Magento 2 are platforms used to grow businesses and drive sales by growing your e-commerce store faster and moving to the market. It also helps companies to provide users with a smooth and seamless experience.

According to BuiltWith, more than 745,000 websites use the Magento e-commerce platform, including 199,000+ live stores, and many more retailers switch to this platform each day.

Due to its great popularity is considered the best choice of major e-commerce retailers, including Pepsi, Levis, Macy’s, and many more.

Magento is an e-commerce platform that is pretty simple, scalable, and robust. The platform offers customer-centric features, unmatched warehouse customization, multiple themes and extensions, data and order management, and many other unique features to accelerate your e-commerce business in 2021.

This article has rounded up the best Magento development agencies that are a perfect match for the e-commerce needs of the B2B and B2C industries of all sizes.

Magento IT Solutions

Magneto IT Solutions is an award-winning e-commerce company. With a workforce of approximately 90 professionals, they strive to help clients grow their e-commerce business by implementing easy-to-use digital e-commerce solutions.

End-to-end e-commerce solutions, ERP, CRM integration, end-to-end digital marketing solutions, and other services are provided on this platform. Magento IT Solutions has a team of experts in developing beautiful digital stores and innovative mobile applications. Their Magento developers use an agile methodology to create sophisticated, customer-focused user interfaces to deliver the inevitable end-user experience.

They have helped more than 200 brands enhance their e-commerce business, increase sales and create unique marketing strategies.

They offer:

  1. UI / UX Development
  2. B2B, CRM integration
  3. B2C, ERP
  4. Development of Mobile Apps

Rave Digital

Rave Digital is the United States-based Magento certified development company that has a partnership with Adobe Magento Silver. It is primarily focused on providing open-source, M2 Commerce, and Commerce Cloud solutions. Rave Digital offers end-to-end e-commerce solutions for all types of industries.

Rave Digital has a team of more than 25 certified Magento developers who have created and delivered hundreds of e-commerce stores, with more than 100 customizations and third-party integration for B2B and B2C clients.

These are Microsoft Silver Partner, Salesforce Partner, SAP Partner, and Google Partner. By providing tailored solutions for your unique business needs, Rave Digital ensures maximum business compliance and profitability.

Over the years, Rave Digital has received 4 Adobe Magento Awards.

They offer:

  1. Magento development
  2. E-commerce solutions
  3. WordPress development
  4. Marketing automation
  5. Digital advertising

IT Delight

IT Delight is a web development company that provides robust e-commerce solutions to meet users’ business needs. They have professionals experienced in developing Magento 1 and 2 e-commerce solutions. IT Delight is an Eastern Europe based renowned e-commerce company founded in 2011. It is the company that cares about your e-commerce business.

Since 2012, IT Delight has mainly focused on developing Magento and e-commerce solutions.

The professionals here are experienced in developing and customizing WordPress stores. They believe in creating the overall development strategy for the growth of the business, including ideas that improve usability, user interface logic, etc.

They offer:

  1. Magento development
  2. WordPress development
  3. Web development
  4. Shopware development
  5. Woocommerce development


GoMage is a renowned company that specializes in Magento development. They have a team of professional certified Magento experts who have provided excellent service to thousands of Magento stores since 2009.

They have successfully completed more than 1,000 projects, developed 15 premium extensions, and have become Adobe Solution Partners.

Their team of certified Magento developers builds websites from scratch, optimizing them for better performance and providing long-term support.

GoMage also offers exclusive extensions, including our best-selling LightCheckout extension, installed in over 10,000 Magento stores worldwide.

Today, they are the driving force behind the innovation campaigns of future e-commerce leaders. And as a member of the GoMage community, you’ll have access to new certified Adobe and e-commerce professionals on a regular basis.

They offer:

  1. Magento development migration
  2. Website design and development
  3. Development of e-commerce store


Magently is a renowned Magento development company with a team of Magento certified developers and a business spirit. They have been providing digital solutions since 2019. They create advanced Magento-based e-commerce sites. They help your business grow quickly with a fully scalable store.

They create custom stores, modules, and Magento-based extensions. In 2018, Magently was awarded as Clutch’s Top Web Development Company.

They actively collaborate with Magento with over 400 contributions from the Github community.

They offer:

  1. Web design and development
  2. Magento migration
  3. Magento development and other e-commerce solutions

Northern Commerce

Northern Commerce is Canada’s fastest-growing e-commerce company, offering Omni channel and online e-commerce retail solutions. They develop customer business experiences based on consumer engagement at all touch points.

As a Google Premier Partner and trusted Magento Business Solutions Partner, they have the expertise to create great digital experiences for our customers.

The company was founded by five years of seasoned innovators in technology, design, and performance results. They are committed to solving complex digital problems with innovative solutions using creativity, technology, and performance marketing.

They offer:

  1. E-commerce design and development
  2. Platform integration
  3. Email marketing and automation
  4. Digital advertising
  5. Salesforce

Absolute Web

Absolute Web is an e-commerce agency that specialises in digital commerce and business solutions. With the help of an expert team of digital strategists, project managers, certified developers, trend forecasters, and designers, Absolute Web provides customer-focused solutions that drive your sales and accelerate business growth with increased online conversions.

Absolute Web creates cutting-edge brands, businesses, and solutions. They focus on creating engaging web experiences, increasing lead generation with the best user interactions.

They have enthusiastically helped businesses achieve their goals with our passionate team of digital strategists, project managers, certified developers, and UI / UX producers.

They align marketing campaigns with sales processes to generate brand awareness and increase interest in their products and services.

Absolute Web is genuinely a creative marketing agency that follows a personalized branded approach to meet client demands.

They offer:

  1. Custom web development
  2. Development of e-commerce stores
  3. Magento development
  4. Digital advertising

Concluding Remarks

Magento is a robust e-commerce platform that allows E-stores to completely personalize their e-commerce experience. All of the companies on this list have a lot of Magento development and migration experience. So, please make your decision wisely and think about it before you continue developing Magento.


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