Top 5 Writing Tools for Your iPhone That Will Ease Your Burden as a Blogger

December 14, 2022

Bloggers know the feeling better than anyone. When you are attempting to write or edit a blog post, it can be challenging. You might be writing something that will change the world, but all you want is for your fingers to type the last sentence and for a break from all of your work. Finding a quality writing app on your smartphone can help make blogging manageable again. For those who own iPhones, your options are a lot more limited. There are plenty of writing apps you can find on the App Store, but these few will be the best for the average blogger.

iA Writer

iA Writer is, by most accounts, the top writing app for a smartphone you can find. With an easy-to-understand interface and quality grammar check, this app will be a favorite in no time. You’ll also have access to your documents across multiple platforms with which you have an account, even though it will only be compatible with iPhones. The only real catch with writing on iA Writer is that it forces you to use Markdown. This isn’t a big deal since most bloggers use this type of writing format because they find it simple and easy. The only problem is if you prefer a different format. If you do have to use Markdown, the software will work incredibly well. Many people also love this app because you can switch fonts. For example, if you use a more modern or casual font, you can do so easily.

Google Docs

Google Docs is considered the best writing app for Android smartphones, but the fact is that it isn’t available on the iPhone. However, people are beginning to realize that Google Docs is perfect in many ways, so you’ll want to ensure you’re using it regardless of your phone’s operating system. You can also save all of your documents with encryption. The only issue with Google Docs is that if you’re writing about something, it’s going to include a few warning bells. Google Docs is primarily a document-sharing platform, so if you want some of the better features, such as word count with data collection or the ability to export your writing, you’ll have to go elsewhere.

Apart from Google Docs, you can also use the Google dashboard function to track all your current write-ups and fetch them whenever necessary from a single or consolidated window/screen without having to go to the actual document.

Microsoft Word

You might think that Microsoft Word is only available on the desktop and that there are better smartphone options. However, that’s different with iOS users accessing the app. This app has been upgraded over the years to be more of a writing tool for iPhones than any other type of phone. Again, you can choose your formatting, so if you want a different look for your writing, this will also be a good choice. This app will also have some of the other features you’ll love, like the ability to track your time as you write. Plus, finding a link to this app on the App Store is effortless, so paying for it is much easier than you’d imagine. The only downside is that it will have fewer features than other apps on this list. But it’s the best option for your iPhone as of right now.


Evernote is a great overall app for your iPhone, but there are better options for your writing. However, it has a few features you’ll love if you use the app to write. The one thing Evernote does well when compared to some of the other writing apps on this list is to include the ability to format your text more easily. You’ve also got access to images and links from all the different types of accounts you might have on the Internet. The only issue with this app is that there are better options than this one if you’re writing full articles. If you want to ensure your articles are up to the highest standards like it is done by writers, then there are better options than this. Many people find it easier to use this app for other writing-related things, such as keeping track of notes and ideas for future articles.


Werdsmith is the best writing app for your iPhone if you’re a blogger working with others. This app makes it incredibly easy to share posts, quotes, images, and links between different writers. You’ll also have access to a word count and can easily update all your social media sites simultaneously. The only issue is that Werdsmith can be overwhelming when opening the app. Most people need to realize that they need to buy the premium version of this app to ensure they’re getting all of its benefits; otherwise, this app will only give you a few basic features. Overall, it will be an excellent addition to your iPhone if you love quickly updating with others while writing. You’ll love using this for those working on a blog with others.


There are plenty of writing apps that you can use on your iPhone. However, the ones above will be the best for those looking to modify their writing experience to make it easier. Most apps will be so easy to use that you’ll rarely even have to open them. Most of these three apps can convert your files into other formats, enabling you to publish your blog posts easily. These apps will do a great job of ensuring your writing looks better on the screen. You’ll be able to make most changes with just a single tap and not have to spend a lot of time formatting your text. This means you’ll be able to spend less time writing and more time blogging. If you’re still struggling, you can always buy essay papers online to improve upon.


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