Top 5 Laptops for Rough and Tough Use

October 7, 2021

When it comes to laptop specifications, it is not strange to find potential users confused about what to buy. For some, aesthetics does it; for others, portability is the concern. However, the digital world requires much more than beautiful laptops that can fit into your backpack. There has been an increasing demand for laptops that can stand the test of time. Thankfully, there are pretty many laptops to choose from if tough and rough use is your concern. Online casinos in Australia aren’t hard to come by; compared to how much more laptops are for rugged use of performance levels.

The tough use laptops come in various brands, but the specifications are hardly wide apart, meaning your choice of the laptop will be much easier with this review of modern laptops. So you can buy the following laptops without really breaking your bank while also ensuring a very rugged use.

  • Latitude 7212 ;
  • Latitude 7424;
  • Panasonic FZ-55;
  • the S15AB;
  • Getac;
  • S410.

Latitude 7212 (Dell Rugged Extreme Tablet)

Dell Latitude 7212 is a Dell beast designed to do just about any task you might have. It sells for a little below $2000 ($1956). In addition to the ruggedness, the beautiful design of this laptop is a plus for users. Not only is the screen brightness of this laptop impressive, but the battery health is also more than enough reason to own one.

The Latitude 7424 Rugged Extreme Laptop

The flexible storage gives you up to three removable drives, all with solid-state storage for quick access and almost 4TB of internal storage. You also have the Dell swappable batteries, so you’ll work for an extended time. And, with USB 3.0 connections, you’ll get the speed you would like once you are attaching other devices or memory managers.

This laptop comes with either Windows 10 or Ubuntu Linux. Its RAM is expandable, up to 32GB, and the ROM, up to 2TB. The external build of Dell 7424 is a wonder as it has been put to a drop test. The drop test was from a height of 6 ft tall, and the laptop’s impact resistance was a lot impressive. Heavy usage isn’t a drag for 7424, thanks to the Quad Cool tech that keeps it cool when hard usage.

Furthermore, you may have the Dell swappable batteries, so you’ll work a lot more. And, with USB 3.0 connections, you’ll get the speed you would like once you are attaching other devices or memory managers.

The Panasonic FZ-55 Toughbook

Besides the 14-inch touchscreen, having anti-glare treatment, this heavy-duty is built with a stylus and is protected against 3ft drops, droplets of water breezes, extreme temperatures, dust, to mention but a few. The laptop design is compact and easy to carry. This beast is loaded with an 8th Generation Core i7 processor, a whopping 8 gigabytes of RAM, and SSD storage up to 512GB. Apart from features like WiFi, Bluetooth, the 4G LTE feature is a beauty to behold as it makes data connection easy anywhere. The laptop has ports including the USB-C, microSDXC, and HDMI (2.0). Also, the laptop’s backup of up to 40 hours is more than enough for your daily use.

The Durabook S15AB

Durabook S15AB is built to last, with key build features including alloy frames (aluminum), dustproof port covers. The laptop also comes with a Quick release battery to enhance immediate battery replacement. In addition, the 15.6-inch screen gives a bigger screen than the usual 14-inch laptops and has enough brightness to be readable under sunlight.

The laptop specs include an 8th Generation Core i7 processor, RAM of 8 gigabytes, and SSD storage up to 256GB, expandable and upgradable to suit your needs.

These upgraded features, for game lovers, present so much bliss as you’re able to play just about any game, high-end games like free games inclusive.

However, the problem is that it’s challenging to acquire the Durabook in the market. The company would rather go through their website and make a direct order for a custom model before purchasing, adding additional time to the purchasing process.


Getac is a brand specifically for users who prioritize rough and tough use. The brand, although not as common as others, has been around for many years. Any one of these brands of theirs is a steal for you, as regards ruggedness.


It is a semi-robust, highly resistant, compact, and light notebook. Featuring the latest in computing innovations, it features excellent high-quality graphics CPU performance. It is a recommended model for professional applications in the manufacturing, public safety, government, and field service sectors as it offers power and adaptability. The S410’s processor is Intel’s U-series Kaby lake to perform complex tasks at high speed with an optional NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU for applications with 3D graphics, CAD, and architectural drawings. In addition, Getac’s LumiBond 2.0 technology enables superior precision, whether touched with gloves or with a pen, and the option of an FHD display for unmatched clarity and details in images.

With up to 1TB of storage and an optional built-in SSD, the Getac S410 packs a punch. In addition, insecurity has multi-factor authentication protocols like the smart card reader, a fingerprint sensor, and compatibility with the latest authentication tools released by Microsoft, such as Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello. Finally, connectivity has I/O options such as PowerShare USB 2.0 and a second LAN for power optimization for long-term operations in full work shifts.


It is a notebook that transforms into a tablet to adapt to different users’ needs. It’s a high-power 7th-gen laptop. The Intel processor is strong enough to realize high-performance levels, and it includes the Intel HD Graphics (620) for responsive high-frame-rate video and 3D graphics. LumiBond 2.0 technology gives the display excellent indoor and outdoor image clarity during a durable, legible, high contrast, and sharp panel. With four advanced touch modes, it is often used with a stylus to capture signatures and make precision notes on forms, plans, and maps.

This model’s hot-swap battery is doubled for uninterrupted and virtually unlimited runtime. The Getac V110 has an NFC / RFID reader, TPM 2.0, fingerprint scanner, open-end credit reader and is compatible with the newest Microsoft authentication tools for greater security. Additionally, it is often configured for 4GLTE WWAN, features a 3D antenna, dedicated GPS, 802.11AC WiFi, and features a full keyboard. Its high robustness is guaranteed by three years of Bumper-to-Bumper service with the manufacturer.


The priorities of laptop users, as earlier stated, differ. There are many models for light users whose major priorities might be aesthetics and portability. Heavy users are not left out of the fun either; there’s a perfect laptop for everyone’s use. The list of rugged laptops goes on and on, and the above are our top 5 picks guaranteed to give you a good run for your money. The laptops being rugged isn’t to suggest intentional abuse by users, but to be sure you’re covered for all your needs. Feel free to explore and peruse the laptop specifications before purchasing the best laptop for your everyday use.


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