Top 10 Best Performing Educational Apps of 2021

April 12, 2021

Mathematics, English, getting organized, offering classes, learning to program, almost everything is possible with this list of 10 educational apps that students of all learning levels can use in various subjects to improve their educational experience and organize their day.

Essay writer free offers you a list of the 10 educational apps that give the best results during this year, especially atypical in everything that has to do with education.

1. CasioClassPad

A calculation application that does not need to be connected to the Internet allows, through the mobile screen, to do all kinds of complex operations, as if we were operating with a conventional calculator. This educational app is suitable for students taking their first steps in mathematics and university students. In its free version, in addition to the calculation functions, graphs and statistics can be created. The paid version includes spreadsheets, 3D graphics, and geometry. It is available on both Android and iOS.

2. Grasshopper

From the hand of Area 120, one of Google’s incubators comes this educational app created to teach us programming curiously and differently. It consists of overcoming challenges and problems posed by it to improve as programmers. It is an application valid for all school levels and serves adults who want to learn, practice, or adopt programming as a new hobby or vocation. It is exclusive for Android.

3. Habit Hub

The organization is one of the battles that a student has to fight the hardest no matter what grade they are in. This free educational app will allow a student to organize his day-to-day studies, manage his free time, and use to-do lists to make the most of every hour of the day. Comfortable, with an attractive interface and very easy to use, it is one of the discoveries of 2020-2021. The downside? It’s only available for Android.

4. Loom

An app that until recently was paid and is now available for free. Before, it was only available for iOs, and now there is a Chrome version of the most apparent. It has a desktop version for the computer and the Ipad version. Loom allows you to record the screen of all the interactions you do with web page content, text documents, and so on. A simple way to have videos of non-face-to-face classes that you can then share via email. It is a perfect tool for teachers who are rapidly moving towards creating a liquid education system somewhere between face-to-face and distance learning.

5. Aurasma

An app with a commercial vocation that uses augmented reality as a tool, but which, nevertheless, has a lot of educational material created to inspire its projects. It is a platform that allows entire interaction with the environment and makes our augmented reality illustrate classwork or design complete didactic units. Very useful and easy to use. It can be used both from the mobile and from the tablet or Ipad. It is available in iOs and Android.

6. Quiz your English

Gamify your knowledge of English and self-evaluate your knowledge of Shakespeare’s language. That is what Cambridge English, creator of this fun app, offers us games and competitions for all ages and learning levels. As if that were not enough, we can compare our results with friends and acquaintances and other users as it has world rankings. It is available for iOS and Android.

7. Wunderlist

One of the most complex things that exist is to get organized when doing group work. This application allows you to create task lists to be shared so that everyone is aware of their colleagues’ work progress. An educational app designed to improve the quality of time and maximize the performance of everyone involved. It is available, free of charge, for iOs and Android users.

8. Squid

An excellent app for taking notes. Yes, something like a virtual note blog where you can take notes, draw sketches, capture ideas, solve problems, and so on. In short, ideal for writing down everything that comes to mind while studying or while we are in class with the tablet or cell phone. In addition to that, we can end up organizing our notes in separate notebooks. Only available on iOs.

9. Khan Academy

An excellent educational operation that combines videos, interactive exercises, and information on very diverse subjects. With this education application, we can evaluate our learning thanks to the application’s tests and download content to review it later without being continuously connected to the Internet. It is available for iOs and Android users.

10. Mindomo

An educational application designed for a young audience, not for children. This will allow us to create detailed mind maps that help us clarify our ideas and bring them to a complete presentation. Perfect to narrow down terms, simplify notes, and improve any student’s reading comprehension from high school to university education. Available for iOs and Android users, and it’s free.

And this is the list of the 10 educational applications that, in our opinion, have given the best results in this year, 2021. This will be marked for history as that atypical year. We had to put all our efforts into accelerating distance learning (surpassing even any notion we had about e-learning) and incorporate all the technological tools that make it possible.


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