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August 29, 2022

Today we will like to introduce you to Tixee, a multi-licensed, award-winning brokerage platform.

Whenever we set out to research a safe avenue for our earnings and savings, we come across a range of online brokerage platforms. Trading platforms are the digital equivalent of physical stock exchanges. Post the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of trading platforms cropped up in the online trading sphere solely to connect investors with investment opportunities. 

Most platforms, especially those on the bigger scale, have the potential to offer multiple financial asset ranges. Whereas smaller platforms were able to offer access to a limited asset range. 

A platform launched in early February 2021 named Tixee is a platform that has quickly grown in the financial asset trading world.

Is Tixee A Scam?

Tixee is a regulated brokerage platform with multiple licenses offering sublime trading tools to empower its clients.

Tixee has regulatory licenses from the following:

License Under Country Regulatory Authority
GVD KORIMCY LTD Cyprus Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSec)
Pipbull Ltd Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA)
GVD KORIMZA (PTY) LTD South Africa Financial Sector Conduct Authority

Tixee is the trading name of the above entities. Since Tixee does not operate in Seychelles, it has an offshore regulatory license from the Financial Services Authority (FSA), which has the following minimum requirements:

  • The minimum share capital of USD 50,000
  • 2 shareholders and 2 directors
  • A fully furnished office in Seychelles for inspection
  • A mandatory legal advisor
  • A security dealer license representative
  • A compliance officer
  • Professional indemnity cover

These licenses and their requirements point toward Tixee’s legitimacy as an authentic brokerage platform.

Tixee’s Trading Platforms

Tixee operates two interfaces and three major trading platforms. 

The two interfaces are:

  • MT4 interface
  • MT5 interface

While the three trade platforms are:

  1. MT4
  2. MT5
  3. Social Trading

The MT4 (Meta Trader 4)

The most popular trading platform that became the cause of Tixee’s rise to prominence. It initially started out as a platform of choice for Forex trading.

The trading setup is strong and allows quick transactions and the ability to automate your preferred means of trading. The platform offers users access to multiple financial trading options, including Shares, Indices, and even cryptocurrencies.

  • 44 analytical objects
  • 30 technical indicators
  • 9-time frames
  • 4 pending order types
  • 1 click trading

The MT5 (Meta Trader 5)

This is the powerful successor to the MT4. 

  • 44 analytical objects
  • 38 integrated indicators
  • 21-time frames
  • 6 pending order types

Social Trading

Social trading, simply known as copy trading, is simply copying well-known trading strategies of experienced traders. Traders who are able to harness the power of trading platforms for their benefit have the ability to share their strategies with the Tixee community in exchange for a performance bonus. 

Live Leader boards

In-depth performance data with live league tables show the best performing and most copied trading strategies. Tixee’s website shows that traders are able to generate 100% returns with well-honed strategies. 

The only downside with social trading is that it uses the Meta Trader 5 interface. So, despite being an independent platform, traders without access to MT5 will be unable to access the benefits of social trading.

Strategy Providers

Strategy providers can define a trading strategy. Then they can set their performance fee and register their strategy with Tixee.

Strategy Followers

Strategy followers can research the various strategies provided by different traders. Whichever strategy they are most comfortable with, they can select a trader, adjust their own risk parameters and click copy. 

You can decide whether you wish to lead or follow Tixee’s offerings. For example, the strategy provider also has the option to copy other, more experienced traders than themselves.

Is Tixee Worth It?

Tixee offers unique advantages to beginners and expert traders alike. Because of its powerful interface and unique educational tools to empower traders. Tixee’s only downside is that it is not available worldwide yet fully. It is not available in the USA, Canada, Seychelles, EU, and North Korea. However, it is available in over 155 countries. 

Learn more about Tixee and start your trading journey.


Disclaimer: This is sponsored marketing content.


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