Tips to make your laptop faster

February 23

In this guide, we will see tips and tricks to transform a laptop into a faster laptop. Undoubtedly, laptops are in the hands of millions of users every day and are intended both for business and for gaming, for having fun in an online casino, or for simple home use. However, on laptops, the functions and Windows behave a little differently than on desktops, with the result that they get stuck and slow down in the long run.

Always keep Windows up to date

Windows Updates are undoubtedly one of the most significant issues that divide computer users. Some users completely ignore every update that comes to their system, while some run to make every upgrade at once.

Our advice here is mainly towards the second category. Yes, updates can often cause problems, but many of the older ones are definitely resolved. We advise every user to make the Windows updates of their system a few days after their official release. Wait a few days, see users’ feedback on the internet, and find the right time to do the Windows updates. They will help your system run faster, and better understand the processes you set for it. You can find Windows updates through the Windows settings.

Disable applications that start at startup

This is a tip that we have emphasized over and over again in the past. One of the biggest “thorns” of the operation of laptops and desktops is the applications at startup. Every application and every developer wants to promote their own material. Thus, almost always arbitrarily, there is a default option in each application to start on its own when creating the computer. The ideal scenario is to disable all these applications to give as much “breath” as possible to the system to start smoothly and without processes.

Applications such as Spotify, Discord, Steam, Skype, and others have no reason to start with our computer. Thus, through the settings of each one individually or the Startup tab in the Task Manager, we can close all or at least most of them, which have no reason to run from the beginning on our laptop. If we need, for example, Skype at some point while using it, we can well press its application through Windows and then open it.

Disable applications in the background

It is a fact that a desktop computer can run many processes at the same time. Similarly, a laptop can do this, but to a lesser extent, due to the lower hardware performance, it contains. However, when you are in Word or any other Office Application for example, and you are writing, there is absolutely no reason for the Skype application and a game to be open on your computer. These two processes remain in the background of the processes that your laptop has to carry out, which makes it much more stressful than it should be.

So, close any application running in the background that you are not using. Especially when you are going to “force” your system by playing a game or doing Video Edit or Render, then you should make sure that it is as relaxed as possible.

Uninstall useless applications and programs

This is a tip that always applies to everyone. Almost every laptop on the market that comes pre-installed with Windows 10 will definitely have applications and programs pre-installed by its manufacturer. Programs that are supposed to help the good operation of the laptop offer performance and support.

These programs, in almost 100% of cases, are useless programs that have no reason to be inside the laptop. They almost never offer anything special, and one can find free third-party programs that do much better than the work they claim to do. In any case, a good tip is to delete all this so that space is freed up on the laptop and it does not try to run more processes. Uninstalling these programs is usually done through the Control Panel.

Connect to Windows faster

It is well known that Windows 10 Lock Screen is a “discovery” without much meaning. When we press the button on our laptop to open, we have to go through this screen. If we have set a password, we have to enter it, which makes the whole interface with Windows even slower.

One way to save a little more time and have instant access to Windows is to set a four-digit PIN instead of a password or whatever the system offers. The four-digit PIN is undoubtedly the fastest way to connect to Windows when it’s on the Lock Screen. One can start typing directly on the four-digit PIN, and without even pressing the Enter key, Windows 10 realizes it, accepts it, and allows us to enter our desktop. All these changes are made through Windows Settings.

Disable Windows Tips

A pretty bad feature included in Windows 10 is the Tips. Tips can be “thrown” on a user’s screen at any time of the day and anything he does on his laptop. These tips usually do not include essential information, but they do say minor things. To turn off Windows 10 Tips, you need to go to Settings, then the Notifications and Actions tab.

Check your temperatures regularly

A major problem facing thousands, if not millions, of laptop users, is temperatures. By nature, a laptop is much smaller in size than a desktop system. This doesn’t allow the hardware hidden inside to be spread out and to be able to receive the proper air it needs.

We must make sure that the device is as clean as possible from stains and dust in the long run. Our laptop’s small holes and grills allow dust inside. By storing a lot of dust at this point, it greatly delays air movement until it finally prevents its entry. This may prove fatal to our device in the future, as one day it may suddenly stop working due to overheating.

Some programs can help diagnose the temperatures of our laptop hardware. However, we can never be absolutely sure of these results, and the best way to keep temperatures low is to clean our system regularly.


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