Tips for converting SEO leads into sales

January 19, 2022

Getting leads is crucial, but how can SEO help you convert leads into sales? We are a lead generation agency to help you with basic tips on how to convert leads into sales.

SEO helps your business not only attract leads but also convert them into sales. To build loyal customers with SEO, here’s how.

1. Connect with potential leads with informative content

Writing a copy that is specific to your most important customers is part of an excellent SEO campaign. Our previous point is that it’s crucial to create this content to attract leads and turn them into paying customers.

You help lead prospects to believe that you’re the best option out there for their requirements when you keep producing content that informs readers. We value your products and services, as well as your knowledge about the industry that you provide to readers.

Creating long-form content is extremely beneficial when it comes to creating informative content. A page on your website with more than 2000 words is considered long-form content. What are the benefits of long-form content?

By writing long-form content, you demonstrate to Google that you are an expert in your niche, capable of writing about every aspect of that niche.

With long-form content, users receive a single source of information that can be used for all topics they are interested in, without referencing other resources.

Your prospects are more likely to become customers if you continue to create content that targets them at every stage of their journey.

Additionally, you should consider the type of material you create as the middle of the funnel info is crucial if you want to make a sale.

2. Discuss results with visitors to build trust

Furthermore, you should offer content that showcases the results your clients can expect, as well as results you have achieved in the past.

As a company, it’s important to emphasize what you can do for your potential clients in your content. In addition, you can still target specific keywords that your clients are searching for so you appear in search results.

In the case of painting homes, you might target keywords such as “best paint touch up for walls” or “perfect house cleaning,” as well as others that correspond with results you delivered for clients.

Use your analytics platform to track the results you’ve generated when talking about your achievements. It is possible to share numbers associated with specific results that you have delivered for past clients if they have given you permission.

A person who specializes in creating and marketing ceramics might provide numbers such as how many custom bowls they’ve sold in the past year or how many people have contacted them about custom orders.

You could describe the number of clients you’ve worked with and the testimonials you have on your website if you are a law firm.

Your website visitors will be able to see that you deliver results rather than just talking about them.

3. Establish authority links to boost your search engine rankings

Leads convert better when you are recognized as an industry leader.

By providing tons of informative content, such as the ones you’re already aware are important, you will be able to build authoritative links in your industry.

You will also begin to appear higher in search results when other high-authority industry leaders link to your content – this will boost your lead generation.

As a result, if you link to your content, high authority figures will link to your content as well, thereby demonstrating your value to potential customers. As an additional bonus, if you get links from well-known industry figures who link to your content on their popular websites, you’ll also get clicks from those sites!


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